In defence of the "housemates' social media" thread.

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The OP created the thread because they had been blocked by one of the housemates, in the hopes that people would share what they find so that everyone could see.

The main argument for it being closed was that if someone wanted to know what the housemates were saying on social media, they could just follow them on social media.
a) This is untrue, since some people have been blocked,
b) Some people might not realise that there is something important being shared, and in fact, could create traffic for that housemate
and finally c) by that logic, if you didn't want to read their social media posts that were being shared, couldn't you just stay off the thread?

Please reopen it.


Second this motion.

Mainly I don’t have any socials and didn’t even realise Lulu had a Twitter; as such, collecting what they say in one place is good for gathering any potential going ons behind the scene or otherwise, especially for people looking back from the future.

The tweets are shared publicly and embedded, meaning that if they don’t want something discussed, they wouldn’t share it in the first place and still have the freedom to delete it.


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If they're blocked they're blocked for good reason I'm sure. (Can you even see embedded tweets if you're blocked?)

Sometimes the first post can set the wrong tone. When it appears to be just repeating one person's twitter feed that is just a bit stalkerish.

Really embedded tweets only add anything if they're relevant to something already being discussed here, and hence can go in the relevant threads.
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If they're blocked they're blocked for good reason I'm sure.
Well, the OP in question said it was because they came to the defence of another housemate.
I don't think that being critical of someone's behaviour in the house (especially if it's respectful) is actually good reason for blocking...


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Yes but if you get dozens of comments along those lines you don't need that shit so easier to block the negativity out of your feed. First rule of bitching on Twitter is don't tag them in.


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I did notice that Taras commented on Estelle’s tweet about surviving so many nominations. But that tweet was in the episode thread.