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The Chase's Governess 'breaks' autism website after discussing condition on I'm a Celebrity
Anne Hegerty, the stoic Governess on Seven quiz show The Chase, has earned praise from viewers for speaking openly about her Asperger's condition on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!
Hegerty, 60, is currently appearing in the UK version of the reality hit, being filmed in Springwood National Park on the NSW north coast.
After admitting she was struggling in the season's first episode, Hegerty opened up to her castmates about her experience with Asperger's, which she was diagnosed with at age 45.
"It's an autistic thing, when you're trying to work out what to do... What neurotypicals have is a thing called mirror neurons, so they can see a thing done and know how to do it. And I have to kind of line the mirror neurons up in my head... I have to actually work it out beforehand," she said in a revealing exchange with actress Rita Simons.


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It's the first series I've watched in probably over a decade, thanks mainly being intrigued by Holly hosting with Dec (Ant has taken an extended leave of absense following drink issues) and also the stronger cast (no doubt paid for by part of Ant's salary). Seems I'm not the only one - it's about the only show on UK TV that is getting record audiences after 16 years on air - and it's one where having the same rigid format year in year out has paid off. Indeed I've not watched it for years and years but they still have the same titles and essentially the same set.