Episode I'm A Celebrity! AU (2015) - Fallout Zone Discussion


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Thought I would just start a discussion thread, and see how people think of it so far. Maybe viewers on the forum could post highlights of episodes for other forum users, because some of them get boring. :)

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I like that they also make the Fallout Zone episodes available to watch later on TenPlay. Clever.

Paddy Lock

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They try to promote it with an ad proclaiming "Everybody's talking about it" but fail to qualify that with what they're actually saying: "Woeful. Vomitous. Tedious. Celebrityless. A gigantic steaming television turd"

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...I think that Peter Abbott is nailing this...raw essence TV as Big Brother was when first introduced to Australia all those years ago... please buy the rights to Big Brother Channel 10... Peter Abbott would make it the juggernaut that it used to be... he is doing such a great job with 'I'm a Celeb' up until now... keep it flying higher Peter... I'm really enjoying what I'm seeing at the moment... cheers.


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Yeah, I been watching this every night straight after it finishes on TV. I would love more access than just an hour streaming though (then again I probably wouldn't get any other work fine), but hey it's much better than the access 9 gave us with bb last year.