If you were on Survivor how would you play the game?


Would you just coast by in an alliance? Be the leader? Make so many game moves that you confuse yourself? Or would you trust enough in your level of fitness to win the immunity idols?

I wouldn't make any big moves early in the game unless I thought I was in trouble. I'd just go along with the tribe and not make any fuss. If I survived the early part i'd make an alliance with the person I trust the most, but also someone who I don't think would have any chance of winning, and then we would create fake alliances with other people to move forward in the game. If I survived the middle section i'd continue to lie to the other tribe members whilst only really trusting my alliance member. And if I got to the final two with my trusted alliance member, the one who I know for sure the jury would dislike, then I would have enough votes to win.


Study Boston Rob's games, he was excellent at reading and keeping people believing they are aligned that were not aligned.
And yeah he would keep loudmouth goats around to distract from his sneaky ways.
And what they do not show you on the show he engaged and entertained his whole tribe, we got to see some out-takes after people talked about his charm.

Basically, you have to ascertain what kind of people you are with, quickly, and manage them without them knowing you manage them, keep quiet. Have food gathering skills & puzzle skills, fire skills before you arrive, know how to build shelters:)


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I'm so bad at reading people, it would not matter how good a fire maker/shelter builder/food gatherer/puzzle solver I am, I would still be first voted out.


Nah, you have charm sweepie master - and clearly leader and organizing skills

I can usually tell when people are lying or scheming, that would be my main skill, and people tell me stuff for some reason - often way too much, stop it....
I would lie about my work, just be a server or community worker whatever, and definitely act dumb and not talk too much.
Sneak off and talk to camera but not at tribals, they keep shooting themselves in the foot, this lot are shit at tribals - except Tessa