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I’m a Celebrity 2023 : Episode 15

What should Sticky do with his Polls?

  • 1)… shove them up his arse!… they’re stupid and make no sense!…

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  • 3)… have him committed to an insane asylum for doing them in the first place…

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  • 4)… he’s gotta run out of Poll ideas soon so just humour him until then…

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  • 5)…. they wouldn’t be too bad if they were at least a bit funny…

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  • 6)… I keep watching them in the hope that one day it is worth doing…

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  • 7)… leave Sticky alone!… HE thinks they are funny at least…

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  • 9)… Sticky should stop doing them… to give US a reason to live…

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Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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…because I won’t be here to post ‘Live’ tomorrow night due to a prior commitment I’ve started the next Episode now… so have fun… cheers.
10 🔟 celebrities ⭐ left! ⬅️ WHO❓WILL 📜 GO 🚦 home 🏠 next? ➡️

Nick going home? 🍯🦡 That’s a bummer.
Not happy with today’s and yesterday’s elimination. Well I’m rooting for Peter to WIN now! 👑🌴
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If you’re not going to post anything till the end of the episode could you, not mention the person who is going homes name for a while? Would be nice k thx
Well sorry about that outburst just, y’know, nobody was posting and so I thought i would post along with my viewing. And then before me, in dark bold letters was the name of the person that gets sent home, and I hadn’t even started the episode yet, I was just watching my recording beginning from Dickos interview on the project..

I guess it’s partially my fault for even thinking to come on here…

But wtf!?! How could Australia send him home?? I never voted for him purely because I thought that most of Australia had his back. And I was warming to him st a fast rate , actually liking him and wanting to see more of the badger!! He had a lot more to give to the show. What is wrong with you Australia?? The best blokes drop so fast.

Enjoyable episode all in all. Sticky you missed out!
@D Space I understand your frustration with spoilers.
Even when watching live I'm half an hour behind, so I tend to not look at anything online for a few hours til I've caught up.
Others should give it a bit of space before revealing who went home.

Anyway, I wasn't expecting Honey Badger to go but I'm fine with it. I warmed to him a bit (from thinking he was a total tool before).
What the actual fuck! First Dicko, now this... Do people want to be bored to death for the remaining series?
Yeah it’s interesting that the bottom 3’s of each eviction have been different. It’s like people see someone they like is right on the bottom so they boost them for the next episode. I think it is fast going into boring with these wise old old owls dropping out.

I wish it was vote to evict. 😆