I’m a Celebrity 2022 - Episode Discussion


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
lol, I don't watch many reality show these days I only started watching this Celebrity show last week on the morning catch up episodes. I used to watch Big Brother years ago and I just think this is just like BB but in the jungle for channel 10 now...lol

But then again I also do recall many years ago mentioning on the old Masterchef channel 10 forums that MC is basically "Big Brother in the kitchen"...LOL! :D
I wondered if that's what you meant, but thought I'd check first! ... just in case I was missing out on something!


Have they got rid of the 2 slightly famous people yet?

Then it becomes...BB IN THE JUNGLE😀

I did mention I actually hope that is what 10 are scheming up, The David is part of their testing, plus all these nobodies in this cast ...embarrassing if any of them yell ....I AM A CELEB..........
Australia cannot sustain celeb versions and shows, we really don’t have pools of celebs, or even puddles of them


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
They could have tried.

Just saw it on facebook.
It was a bit of a cop out.
I'd have thought the red team would have made an effort since they hadn't got a point yet and the blues only had that one point.