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How Much Do You Weigh?

How much do you weigh?

  • 50kg-

  • 51-60kg

  • 61-70kg

  • 71-80kg

  • 81-90kg

  • 91-100kg

  • 101-110kg

  • 111-120kg

  • 121-140kg

  • David's Ego (140kg+)

Results are only viewable after voting.
That droopy face must add ten kilos plz smile
But but but...that would defeat the purpose of my username. Besides, when I smile it looks like someone is about to get slaughtered.


Live long and prosper
Yes good point iJake.
The title of this thread does not indicate on which Planet the measurement should be taken.
In space everyone "weighs" 0.
Furthermore, weight is a measurement of Force, not mass.
The options should have been:
<500 Newtons
500N - 600N
600N - 700N

Alternatively, the thread should instead have been named "What is your mass?"