How many repeats are too many?


I loathe sport on TV...
Jeebus on a bike channel 10... how many f-ing repeats of the first 2 episodes are too many?

I know you’re all excited for your new summer series, but repeating the episodes all day Sunday on 2 channels and then today as well on 4 ( count them FOUR!) channels at the same time is perhaps going a bit overboard don’t you think?

And slapping a little promo disclaimer at the beginning of the endless repeats saying how you’re so sorry about the bushfires in NSW and Victoria and that you hope your show is ‘just a little bit of fun’ to take your mind off things (like people losing everything they own but the clothes in their back..because yeah, watching this show is going to be *so* therapeutic....) only shows that you know your little crappy show of ridiculing some D level celebrities is vastly inappropriate right now. But still it doesn’t stop the repeats does it?

Between you at channel 10, channel 9 with the bloody tennis, and channel 7 with the even more boring cricket across all the main and subsidiary channels all f-ing day it’s amazing how you don’t understand why Netflix subscriptions are going through the roof.

It’s enough to make a guy hate being in holiday and want to go back to work... :p