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House plans


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Does anyone have the official house plans for each year of BBAU from 2001 to now?
If not official, house plans that resemble the house please


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Now that this year's show has finished... Is there anyone that's got a floorplan of the house?


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Credit to Dan Brunskill who sent me this on Facebook. I think it will be the closest we get.

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Nice find. That's not quite right, though. The bathroom is in-between the lower and top left shed (unsure if part of the room does extend into the top left shed). What is marked as the Bathroom is actually the Green Room. Where Dan has drawn the Green Room is the door that HMs walk through when going to and returning from The Basement.

Also missing is the laundry/store room that hangs off of the blue bedroom. I'm unsure if the store room and laundry are one room or separate. I did start on a house plan at one point but it just became too hard with the limited information available.

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FWIW, you can get a pretty high res version of the BBAU house exterior on Apple Maps 3D. I scaled it down and compressed it to shit in the attachment below to get it to upload in the first place but you get the idea. Could serve as a higher resolution base to start off with. I might even take a crack at it myself, I don't have Adobe Illustrator anymore though so maybe this will be good practice with Affinity Designer to try and estimate the layout.

Also, my thoughts on the layouts posted above: I always thought going down the hallway on the left hand side the bathroom would be the first door, green room 2nd and eviction room 3rd. On the right hand side would be the exit/entrance to the challenge area (part of the top right warehouse?) and the diary room. But this is all up in the air unless we get an official layout, I've even gone as far as to ask the BBAU twitter account for a floorplan/layout and some other behind the scenes stuff but I seriously doubt that they're gonna release one now the series is over. Still, one can dream!



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There'd have been a toilet attached to the bedroom as well (maybe off the laundry?) and possibly one off the other bedroom as well?


I haven't marked any furniture, but the space for the couch/fish tank is there. The entrance corridor stops where it opens to the living room.


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Nice job, everyone who has either found a layout for the current house or made one themselves! A little surprised to see a thread I started being talked on again, but it makes sense.


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Nice job on the plan, i wonder why they were not able to hold house tours ? I'm presuming because it was pre recorded and wouldn't make sense having house tours even before it went to air? They still could of done a house tour after the series finished for a 2 week period for example, before they revamp the house for the next series? ( I'm presuming the next series is at the same location )