Game [Forum Big Brother 3: PowerGames] Housemate Hunt is on!


The Forum Big Brother

Big Brother is back bigger than ever before!

Forum Big Brother is back for its 3rd season but he returns with a twist that will turn the game on its head. FBB2 saw @SepiaBird take the crown and the title of FBB Winner. The question is now who will win next season? It could be you! All you need to do is PM your Name and Age to apply to become the next housemate in the ultimate social experiment.

Auditions end 1st of December for a 1st of January start.


The SepiaBird!!!
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Hello Australia!
Forum Big Brother is back and it's bigger and better than ever before.

As last years winner I am sooo excited to announce that I will be hosting a new spin-off show titled
"Big Brother Unseen" !

More information to come as the Housemate Hunt begins.
Be watching... you know Big Brother is! ;)


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Well this time do you want to see the voting?
No, I would rather you let someone else control the voting. Maybe ask Sepia to do it or someone, so you aren't playing around with it.

Better yet, start a poll on the forum each eviction and then have the results displayed publicly without letting the forummates vote.