Final night - meet housemates


If you live on Gold Coast or are visiting I can tell you how to meet the housemates!!
I first discovered this by accident at the 2007 finale, where by sheer chance met the winner Aleshia,and runner up Zach and had a chat with Travis, Thomas, Michelle. I drove with my daughter to dreamworld to just see the Big Brother stage and see if we could catch a glimpse of any of them leaving from afar. We got there half an hour after the live show finished and noticed all the public had already left. We thought we had missed them so I just went looking for a ladies room around the side of the building. I was shocked when I bumped into housemate Susannah in the toilets! She said the other housemates were backstage, waiting for the public to leave. I waited nearby for 10 mins to see any of them and then all the housemates started coming out! They were all walking by themselves funny enough. I got to meet and hug nearly all of them lol. My daughters young male friend got in the limo with Zach as he about to leave. Zach thought it was funny as!
So if you live near BB house the secret to meeting them is to turn up for eviction show half hour AFTER the live show ends.


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I didn't realise i was being nasty, it was just a tongue in cheek comment.

You're quite sensitive for someone who photo-shopped Lisa's face on to an enormous fat lady. :p
If the original creator of this thread was offended by your comment(s), I think it's best I keep my thoughts on lurking around a public toilet & car-park in an attempt to "bump into" somebody to myself.

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I never realised that opportunities abounded by hanging out in restrooms. So thank you OP! I'm seeing my teen idol in concert at the Opera House on Tuesday (Tori Amos) so now have emboldened plans involving toilets. Have also upped ante and will carry tissues, tampons, condoms, and spritzers of perfume in case Tori is caught short.

Ignore the haters. I think you're BRILLIANT :biggrin:


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Hanging out at a public toilet and bumping into Dion... hmm...

Lemme go get ready