Final 6: Who do you want to win and why?


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I know it's really cool to bag Tony Abbott but I think your comment is incredibly stupid. Tony Abbott himself is an immigrant. Secondly he has 3 daughters whom he undoubtedly would be proud of should they win any competitions. They are female. By all means hate his policies and what he stands for but use a valid point to argue with.

Lol, it hard to imagine Tones Abbott as a downtrodden immigrant struggling to get by.

Oh that's right he didn't, he came over as a 2 year old and his mother was already Australian. He grew up in a very comfortable, middle-class environment and as a politician his standing and power has allowed his daughters to enjoy the kind of educational privilege and career advantage that is beyond most Australians, never mind immigrants who these days are commonly relegated to doing the jobs that 'regular' Aussies deign too menial and unworthy to actually consider doing themselves.

Abbott is the antithesis of a hard-working immigrant. While BB is unlikely to even register on Abbott's radar, we all know that if Abbott were to vote in BB he'd probably by default choose a nice Anglo-Saxon boy who enjoys the surf. So, yeah, Priya winning just might stick in his craw. I'd vote for that.


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Priya is hardly a down trodden immigrant struggling to get by but I get the need to use such emotive terms to prove your point.

I think the people that would be most upset should Priya win would be the average Joe type that you can find on Facebook making racist comments directed at Priya. They probably don't vote for Tony either. Lol.


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I want Travis to win. He has been a creeper and has slowly grown on me over time. He is funny, he is honest and he has a really kind heart.

I haven't voted yet this season, mainly because I like to spend my hard earned money on me - I'm selfish like that.

If Travis gets to the final I am going to send him 3 votes to win.


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Penny because fuck you shitty housemates. Let the nice, crazy intruder win!

I actually would be happy for Penny to win. As to why, I just would be. She's amusing, seems decent and normal while being insane and funny.

Travis - I actually think he's a decent well meaning guy. I don't think he's fallen into a lot of the bullshit that most housemates have. Has he been involved in anything which has been because of his bad behavior?

Don't want Ryan to win because he has done little. The season would be the exact same with out him.
Skye, eh nah.
Lina. Eh nah.


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I really want Skye to win. like Tim from last year she made the show and made it interesting to watch. everyone either loves or hates her. she's one house mate that everyone has an opinion on.


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Either Travis or Penny. I've not had a favourite HM this year as I like to be entertained or have a good laugh. So, Penny for being herself and Travis for not getting involved with the bitchiness. He has grown on me since Aisha left. Really only made up my mind today.


Pleeeaaasssseee don't anyone vote for Skye! I just couldn't stand it if she wins. I'll be waiting for her in the car park if she does. Tell her what we really think of her slutty ways


Travis has never gossiped (priya) or tried to screw everyone in the house and flashing private parts all day (Skye) or been really nasty (Ryan) so he deserves to win. Not once has he hurt anyone or been selfish or caused any trouble. He has been kind hearted every day in that house. Not many people would be that patient living with a bunch of strangers and their issues.
At this point I like Penny the most and it would be great for an intruder to win just once, though Vesna and Zac where both THE best intruders who deserved to win in their season. Don't know whether she has really done enough, as much as I adore her. She really should have been put in earlier, if not an original than in place of Marina (totally unmemorable).

So the only other hm that fits the bill for me is Travis. Yes he is irritating at times, OTT, but that's ok. At least he isn't boring. I would like the winner to have a good heart, to be kind most of the time. This is Travis. He is the warmest hm in there. Travis has never come across to me as entitled, mean spirited, arrogant. Yes he wants to win and backs himself. Yes he has bitched, but mostly in context. He is an attention seeker, but doesn't begrudge others when they get the spotlight, he laughs along with them. good luck to him!