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Eviction 13 - Who do you want to SAVE?

Eviction 13 - Who do you want to SAVE?

  • Tom

    Votes: 9 5.9%
  • Leo

    Votes: 48 31.4%
  • Ryan

    Votes: 64 41.8%
  • Penny

    Votes: 78 51.0%
  • Richard

    Votes: 23 15.0%
  • Skye

    Votes: 36 23.5%

  • Total voters


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I would've said that I want Leo to be safe this week but all he does is whine about Skye, the only person I want to stay is Penny such a breath of fresh air in the house.


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Penny! for laughs and Richaaaard for trying to play the game.
Lolzzz at the poll Leo has more votes than Skye hahahahaa


Ya bloody bugger
Penny is the only one worth saving amongst this lot of nominees.

It's a pity she wasn't there from the start of the show. :wacky: = awesome
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