Episode rundown for this week (day 64 onwards)


And we get to see another side of the housemates, as they spontaneously react to the people who know and care about them.

Like when Skye cried when she saw her family on the DVD player that David smashed. Her face was priceless when he killed it with his hammer!!

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Well why did you become a member here? Why do you watch it ?
Yes the season is not like it used to be but most members here are big bb fans
I'm a great BB fan on most years, and I'm appalled at what I'm seeing this year with the 2014 bastardization of BB. I hope there will be some serious talks if 9 plan to take it on next year on how to fix the major holes of this year.


Oh excuse me miss priss ass So now I'm not allowed to say what I want?? LOL.. Get a grip and get a life and stop being a biotch to people just because they speak their minds. I AM a fan off BB so carry on wayward child