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Ed having fun


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I have to admit I am NOT an Ed fan and find him humourless. So i dont really expect this thread to survive. but i will keep an open mind.....I am not sure that I have seen him genuinely smile or laugh or have fun in the 75 days he has been on our screens. I would really appreciate some examples of these.

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There are no examples of Ed having fun that I can think of. He is just boring and only concerned about his cards and conspiracy theories.


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Seems like ever since Tim & Eds marathon chat about Ed being an Idiot. Ed has relaxed a little for the moment. Eds main problem, he is jealous of Tims social skills, which he has non.


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Sadly at this stage of the game the production team have already gone into remote control mode. Three or four weeks ago, they might have designed a special task for Ed say, give him two brandnew footballs and challenge him to show off some of the skills he must have learned in the past.
Have all the HMs sit around in a circle to cheer him on, Mikkayla jumping up and down like a yo-yo and screaming at the top of her voice: Ed you are the best, Ed you are so sexy, Ed how did you just do this - do it again... and Jade demurely, politely clapping, her adoring eyes speaking of nothing but love, even Tim exclaiming: Dude, you're cool I want you to be my bestie... all in all every single HM licking his feet to make him feel good.

Methinks, this might have squeezed a smile out of Prince Charming.


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Nothing comes to mind.


Still nothing?


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Haha I'm not sure exactly. [MENTION=30121]Dystopia[/MENTION] what does the cake mean?

I'm not sure what was intended but I now want cake .... And I still can't think of any fun things Ed has done! ......in fact I'm genuinely thinking now and I can't. I can think of fun stuff Matt did (recommending 30secs of monkey madness as example). Absolutely nothing comes to mind for Ed tho!!!??


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Just clarifying, this is not intended to be an anti-Ed thread. More a curiosity Ed thread. Fun Ed. Does he exist? Where is he? Examples please - would love 'em!


Two come to mind : Practicing gymnastics with Matt for the talent show and laughing with Surly about his tasks on the date with Jade.


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Watching Ed eating bananas in the DR was funny, but Ed wasn't having fun LOL
Ed enjoyed doing his drunken striptease under the palm many weeks ago.


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Two come to mind : Practicing gymnastics with Matt for the talent show and laughing with Surly about his tasks on the date with Jade.

Yeha but he was only doing that because bb made him do it. He's never created fun, or said anything funny or interesting really.


He had a lot of lazy fun in the beginning - doing nothing of course, just basking in all that gross swooning that was going on, remember tim complaining.

Ed is so used to that fan club type thing, he's lost now, so he's using Jade to comfort his bruised ego,, and he's horrified Tahan is running around with Tim.