Early Predictions

Based on what we have been show throughout the first couple of days in the house,
predict the Final 3 and the First housemate to be evicted. (presuming they are evicted as singles not pairs)

mine would be
First to be evicted-Priya or Gemma
Possible Top 3- Sam,Aisha,Skye or Lisa and i can also see Ryan in the mix as well.



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Hmmm... As much as I want Priya gone first I don't think it will happen. I think she will be like another Tully...
Maybe Sandra will go first.
Top 3 - Skye, Jason and Aisha?
lol, no idea I just like those 3 the most right now.


My prediction for first evicted is Gemma.
My prediction for final 3 is Skye, Sam and Dion. I'll throw Aisha and Lisa in the mix too, they both seem likeable.


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My prediction for first evicted would be David
My final 3 Skye, Priya and Dion? I think Jake and Lisa may be up there as well


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No way, Priya is getting a lot of screentime. She's one of the major 'characters'...

First evicted: Gemma, Ryan and/or Sandra
Final three: Skye, Katie and Jason


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First Evictee - Gemma
Final 3 Prediction - Skye, Katie & Jason
Ideal - Skye, Jason & Aisha


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First evicted: Either Gemma or Katie. Cat maybe also because she has been awful quiet.
Final Three: Skye, Dion and Aisha.


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The uninformed viewer might find Sandra 'boring' but I have no doubt she is popular in the house. So she won't be the first to go as I don't see her being nominated early in the game.

First to be evicted: Ryan
Final 3: Sandra, Dion, Priya/Skye/Aisha (Not sure about the third spot)


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I predict
First Evicted: Gemma or Katie
Final 3: who knows...uh Aisha, David, Jake

I don't care as long as David stays....LOL. *thinks to self, please don't wind up bing a d!ck, please don't wind up being a d!ck*