Drinking games

Hi guys,

I'm trying to come up with the ultimate Im a Celeb drinking game, that won't kill people.

I thought of a sip per scream, but thats a path to a liver transplant, next is a chug everytime the hosts drop some sexual innuendo, but that'll require a stomoch pump within the hour.

Skolling everytime Swanny gets to speak would be drier than an Antarctic desert, so as you see I need help to find the middle ground.



A sip each time Tom mentions a celebrity he knows
A swig every time Jay breaks out the ukelele
A skol every time Steve rolls his eyes at Tziporah
A sip every time Nazeem and Steve "discuss" politics
A slurp every time Ash flicks her hair
A chug every time Kris wears a shirt
A sip every time Nat screams
A toast every time Casey sings (she's a talented girl)
A sip every time Julia pretends to flirt with Dr Chris... (no, I can't keep up either)
A skol if Dane or Tegan ever do anything


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A sip each time Julia says Kris with a K.
A slurp each time Chris talks about Vet things.
A skol each time the crew fake laugh at what the hosts say.
A glug each time Ash tells us she is a great cook.