Do you know what I really hate?


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  • the fact that producers and editors think we need to be reminded about the last episode, every fucking episode, and every ad break
  • the fact that we as consumers are incapable of seeing through the editing process
  • the fact that contestants already know what the right things to say are
  • the fact that drama needs to be manufactured to somehow make the show interesting; hint it doesn't, just air the show twice a week
  • the fact hat someone has to be a "battler" and someone has to be a villain, all thanks to careful editing

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…when on some ‘Reality’ shows the contestants give you a rundown of themselves in their bios and tell you just how great they are and tell you what they’re going to do to ‘shake things up and win the game’… because they have to tell you how great they are… it shows they never are great… and always go out early… and…why do they have to have a ‘media profile’ and an agent etc?… or be a ‘media influencer’?… whatever happened to people walking in off the street sand doing an audition themselves?… it’s become a complete wankfest… cheers.


Never again
Sob stories on reality tv shows.

Production clearly favouring one contestant over the others (Ben Zabel, Daniel Hayes)

The same five to ten unfunny Australian comedians on television.