Describe Each Housemate With ONE Word.

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Every Time a HM gets evicted, he/she will get removed from the list. You can update your list that time. After eviction night. Ill post the evicted HM name and next to it all the words you all posted that described them.

Just write the ONE word that describes your housemate next to their name

The Current List:

  1. Ben
  2. Drew
  3. Ed
  4. Jade
  5. Mikkayla
  6. Sugar sisters
  7. Tahan
  8. Tim
  9. Justynn
  10. Nathan

Lets have fun with this :D Its NOT about who has the most spot on descriptions or the most usage of big words :p! its to have fun and see how your description pattern changes through weeks of eviction :D

Tully: Repulsive,misunderstood,woeful,perfect,player (faker),miserable,tiresome,Hysterical (in every sense) ,sociopathic, train-wreck, testing, draining,bipolar,Immature,Unstable, Melodramatic,Pessimist,cute,sexy,Lost,Manipulative ,self-centred,parasite,unhinged,Damaged,complicated,unim pressive,brat,Passionate,nightmare,Sook,searching for real love,insane,broken,Sad,erratic,weak,Disaster,Emoti onal-Highjacker,Nuts,disgraceful,attention seeking missile,Deluded.
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Ben - Naive
Drew - Sly
Ed - Overrated
Jade - Clingy
Mikkayla - Insecure
Sugar sisters - Dull
Tahan - Difficult
Tim - Manipulative
Tully - Repulsive


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Ben - witty
Drew - ambassador
Ed - Douche
Jade - superficial
Mikkayla - controller
Sugar sisters - sedentary
Tahan - immature
Tim - puppeteer
Tully - misunderstood


Unfallen Icarus
Ben - anachronistic
Drew - emotional
Ed - entitled
Jade - lost
Mikkayla - snaky
Sugar sisters - ugh
Tahan - herself
Tim - trying
Tully - self-centred

I'll come back as I think of them.
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Ben - waspish
Drew - whipped
Ed - wanker
Jade - wistful
Mikkayla - worthwhile
Sugar sisters - whoopee
Tahan- witch
Tim - weird
Tully - woeful


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Ben Odd
Drew Lucky
Ed gay
Jade plain
Mikkayla hungry
Sugar sisters boring
Tahan bitch
Tim backstabber
Tully perfect


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Ben - quick-witted
Drew - subordinate
Ed - intense
Jade - insecure
Mikkayla - forthright
Sugar sisters - caring/ co-dependant
Tahan - forthright
Tim - on the spectrum
Tully - player (faker)


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Drew-Insensitive (to Tahlia)
Sugar sisters-strange
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Ben - bizarre
Drew - greasy
Ed - douchecanoe
Jade - naive
Mikkayla - misunderstood
Sugar sisters - lovely
Tahan - necessary
Tim - winner
Tully - tiresome


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Ben - Old
Drew - Greasy (literally and figuratively)
Ed - Dullard
Jade - Insecure
Sugar Sisters - Irrelevant
Tully - Hysterical (in every sense)
Tahan - Unfiltered
Tim - Mastermind
Mikkayla - Abrasive
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PS great thread [MENTION=35348]Crush Ad[/MENTION]. Hopefully people will stick with it so we can see how our words change from week to week!


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Ben - multifaceted
Drew - dependent
Ed - unintelligent
Jade - persistent
Mikkayla - uninteresting
Sugar sisters - unhealthy
Tahan - conceited
Tim - narcissistic
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This is kind of fun when you put some additional limits on it (& no-one else is awake posting!)

Ben - banal
Drew - downtrodden
Ed - egotistical
Jade -juvenile
Mikkayla - maligned
Sugar Sisters - saccharine
Tahan - tumultuous
Tim - tricky
Tully - train-wreck


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Ben - retiring
Drew - sensation-seeking
Ed - overweening
Jade - needing
Mikkayla - compensating
Sugar sisters - supporting
Tahan - denying
Tim - gameplaying
Tully - testing


Ben - bizzare
Drew - misled
Ed - incoherent
Jade - clueless
Mikkayla - exasperating
Sugar sisters - who?
Tahan - forthright
Tim - candid
Tully - draining

Also, [MENTION=35348]Crush Ad[/MENTION] great thread concept, hope it picks up!

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Ben - antisocial
Drew - enabler
Ed - smug
Jade - dependent
Mikkayla - autophobic
Sugar sisters - slothful
Tahan - blunt
Tim - calculating
Tully - bipolar


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Ben - Frustrating
Drew - Ignorant
Ed - Conceited
Jade - Silly
Mikkayla - Insecure
Sugar sisters - Sweet
Tahan - Bitchy
Tim - Fantastic
Tully - Immature