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Dear Channel 7...


I loathe sport on TV...
About the 4.00pm news...

If you're going to broadcast it nationally then perhaps it should be a *national* level bulletin and not simply the Sydney local news.

Anyone beyond the Blue Mountsins truly doesn't give a damm about the local traffic conditions and local traffic accidents, which local business got robbed or burnt down or whatever, which suburbs are the best for real estate, and especially whatever is going on in the Rugby which only you and the Qld-ers really give a damm about. The other States say they care but really, we don't even remember the team names much less know whichever player's manager has scored a PR spot that night for his guy.

If you want to be a national broadcaster then acknowledge there are places other than Sydney, Melbourne, occasionally Brisbane, and Adelaide - but only if they've done something *really* interesting, that exist in Australia.


Somehow I Still Believe

#NotMyAustralia: Anger over Seven's 'racist' Sunday Night segment

"Barely a week goes by when they're not in the news. African gangs running riot, terrorising, robbing, wreaking havoc," went presenter Alex Cullen's fiery opening, blaming "political correctness" for police reluctance to "admit there's a problem".

The clip sparked an immediate backlash online, with Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane among those criticising Seven.

"The promotion of this smacks of fear-mongering and racial hysteria," he wrote in a Twitter post. "Disappointing to see this kind of approach – it's a recipe for division and racial profiling."



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has ch 7 always been this right wing?
No I don't think so, but it seems they have definitely swung in that direction in the last couple of years. I haven't been in AU during that time ofc but I always watched Seven News before because I loved Chris Bath, and didn't mind Mark Ferguson... and Nine's Peter Overton comes across as pompous. I never thought of Seven as having a right leaning bias before I left though. Except for perhaps in 2010 when they stalked former NSW transport minister David Campbell at a gay sex on premises venue.


Somehow I Still Believe

Channel 7 accused of going soft on racism by airing interview with far-right leader
CHANNEL 7 News is in the midst of what some are calling a “Nazi PR disaster” after they aired a very questionable interview with a far-right leader.

CHANNEL 7 News has been accused of being soft on racism and neo-Nazi groups after it interviewed a far-right leader but failed to mention he had been convicted of racial vilification.



Sunrise under investigation for ‘racist’ segment
THE Channel 7 breakfast show is under formal investigation over a segment on Aboriginal families that was labelled “highly offensive”.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority confirmed it was investigating whether the breakfast show had breached the commercial TV code of practice in a panel discussion on white families adopting indigenous children, The Guardian reported.



Another Channel 7 Commentator Has Apologised For A Weirdly Racist Remark

Yet another Australian sports commentator has accidentally said something baffling and racist in the midst of a live broadcast, and oh man, why does this keep happening?


Mr Stickyfingers

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...so Channel 7 are now calling themselves "Australia's Royal Network" now eh?... how pathetically funny... I couldn't help but titter to myself... sad bastards!... cheers.

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an old fart that rants at times...
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...well...well...well... ever since Karl Stiffynodick came back to ‘Today’ at the expense of the poor Georgie Gardner I swore never to watch that wretched show again until that complete prick gets sacked once again and finally disappears off our screens and back into obscure oblivion again forever... so when I did that I sweet talked my sweet darling wife into switching over to ‘Sunrise’ instead as an alternative being that she still wants to watch the morning breakfast shows and the News... which now brings me up to what I’m about to talk about...

...’Koschi’ is a fully fledged A1 complete fuckwit only JUST beaten by Karl Stiffynodick himself!... what a complete waste of sperm he was!... just think... when a man ejaculates he can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation.... if Koschi was the one that got through to fertilise the egg to produce him... just imagine what the rest were like?... my god!... it bears belief!...

...Channel 7’s ‘Sunrise’ is disgusting in its reporting and scare mongering on the daily News!... a brief example of the last few weeks or so...

...2 weeks so ago...
...after the bushfires finally died out at last they were horrified... no more ‘dramatic’ stories to report!... what are they going to do?... oh thank god!... the Corona Virus!... hallelujah! and praise the Lord!... we’re saved!...

...’Koschi’ and his cohorts then ‘dramatically’ started saying how important it was that you started stocking up on essential items such as toilet paper/ long life milk/tissues/rice and pasta etc in order to survive this potential lethal outbreak (or words to that effect)...

...cue the inevitable stampede of panic buying due their ‘dramatic’ announcement...

...then they show endless footage of people panic buying/fighting for toilet paper etc/empty shelves over and over... and THEN laughing and mocking them for it BECAUSE of those ‘dramatic’ stories that THEY shoved down everybody’s throat in the first place!...

...just today on the show... they reported that a Supermarket in Melbourne was opening their stores at a certain time each morning just for the elderly and invalids etc... ‘Koschi‘ laughingly quipped for the cheap laugh “now everyone will get their mum and dad or grandparents to get their shopping for them!”... he was so chuffed that he got that ‘joke’ out!...


...they whip the gullible panic merchants of the public into a frenzy and then mock them then ‘innocently’ wondering why it has happened!...

...on todays show... all the co-hosts went out ‘Live’ to some Supermarkets with ‘Monique?’ Is it?... (the blonde co-host... Melanie?... or whatever her name is)... she says she’s there to see if she can pick up some essential items such as toilet paper etc etc and then acts ‘surprised’ that they’re not there!.... puhleeeze!... are you fucking kidding me?...

...on today’s show ‘Koschi’ had an exclusive’ interview with our ‘heroic and hard hitting’ Prime Minister ‘Scomo’ and asked him about his wanting to go to the Footy!...when only just before they run a story about a Medical Institution that were working on a cure for the Corona Virus but need $750,000 in donations to finish their research!... does ‘Koschi’ ask ‘Scomo’ if the Government will pay for it and help to save our lives?... no!... he asks the leader of our Government about the fucking stupid Footy!!!!!... again... are you a fucking moron?...

...seriously... why are these morons on our TV?.... end of rant!... cheers.
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Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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...start of another rant... oh!... I nearly forgot... today ‘Koschi’ even managed to add even more ‘drama’ to the reporting today by starting a story with ‘we’re now on a WAR FOOTING blah blah fucking blah!... again... are you a complete fucking moron ‘Koschi’?... end of second rant!... cheers.

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an old fart that rants at times...
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...while I’m on a roll... start of third rant!... Channel 7... all of your shows suck!... ‘Pooch Perfect’?... fuck me!... you’ve gotta be kidding?... no wonder that I stopped watching your shitful Channel aswell as Channel 9 and Foxtel!... thank god for Netflix/Stan and Prime TV that’s all that I can say!... cheers.