Episode Day 9 (16/09/2014) Daily Show


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Someone's going to be disappointed.



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I don't mind this years BB so far as I've been conditioned over the last few years this different style of BB, HOWEVER...

The Poodles idea is stupid, we're supposed to be watching people interacting with each other & as each year passes our exposure to what is happening in the house is severely diminished AND now valuable viewing footage will be sacrificed to look at dogs :rage:

................ hmm personally, I'd rather watch someone being a pot plant than dogs licking their/or each others arses ....


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Tim dropped in his video that there are HMs in there who are friends from the outside so I'll be looking for clues on that. Other than that, I'm hoping we've seen the end of Boobgate.
Yeah, I'm interested in Tim's comment about that also. Interesting. Any ideas who it may be yet?


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Lisa's breasts are struggling with gravity and she's pressed about David pointing it out to the other boys when she was eavesdropping in on them.
oh of course! i thought maybe someone showed their boobs, Tully style.

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Yeah, I'm interested in Tim's comment about that also. Interesting. Any ideas who it may be yet?
I think the best guess so far in the other thread is Lisa and Jake because of the Tim and Tully connection. Tim would know for sure if they were friends if he and/or Tully were involved somehow. At first I was thinking Sam and Cat as they're both from Melb and it'd make a bit more sense why Dion and Jason split them up.

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These stupid dogs that Alex insists on having each year are hopefully an improvement on the Michael Pitt look a like...... What's that guys name again?

Also are they doing the BIGGEST TASK IN AUSTRALIAN BB HISTORY tonight?