Episode Day 59 (5/11/14) Daily show


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Skye might struggle to think of a come back and that's maybe the best she can do? It's not that bad really, it's not up to any of the hms to decide who's worthy of being there and I think Dave is mature enough not to let that affect him.
yeah I just posted before this in reply to someone else about how I think of skye lol. I think she shoots from the hip more often than not and I don't think that's a bad thing. She is 20 and imo at that age each aspect of her personality is amplified more at that age. I think with age she will mellow down, but overall she is a good hearted person imo. But you have made a really good point. She does struggle with what to say at times and often her retaliations are defensive because of it. So I agree 100% she just say things without thinking about it because it is the best she can do


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Is this you??:woot:

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Tom seems like a week 3 evictee from what I've seen.
Richard I'd pin at 6 or 7 weeks.
Penny is perhaps a 6 weeker.
Lina it's hard to say right now, go to watch this episode :p


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Thank you , good to know :cat:

That lad seemed very pissed off about it lol.


Dude, have you thought about starting your own thread for time delayed viewing? You might get a few more people involved and it will look a bit better than random comments that are completely out of place. Just an idea <3

as you can see, it was more of a productive criticism than anything.
It don't bother me none if you keep posting in the thread - just tryna help a brother out.