Episode Day 59 (5/11/14) Daily show


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Tonight's summary

- Prisus praise from the houseguests Yay
- Skye looking like a childish bitch
- Strategy Dave and Priya please team up
- Lina wanting to take out the alpha males, when did Tom get included :/
- Prisus talking about her hubby <3
- Guess Skye doesn't want Ryan anymore, lol at calling her out on her cellulite
- Still don't know much about the 4 (easy pickings for them to leave)
- Boo on Skye for dissing Kelly (David in dog form really)

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OH OKAY. :angelic:

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Is it ok to yammer on about the happenings for Qld time viewing now?? (hour behind)

I remember someone on here got the shits and demanded for people out of synch start a new thread for other timezones.


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That was kinda my point. We don't know what Dave said that prompted Skye to say that in return, it could've been a lot worse than Skye just teasing him about still being there.
Agree, I'm sure something was said for her to bite. She bites every time someone says something that she doesn't like. But it doesn't mean it wasn't rude. That's my point