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Episode Day 50 (27/10/2014) Daily Show ft. "Powerhouse Players/Intruders"


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Today's "spoiler" was a carbon copy of something which is already published on jump-in @ http://www.jump-in.com.au/show/bigbrother/2014/latest/day-50/meet-the-neighbours/

Look out! The HMs Learn There are Neighbours Next Door!

But just who is crashing the party?

After arriving together in the Sanctuary, the four new neighbours were rowdy, excited and boisterous and eventually, the existing Housemates cottoned on that something BIG was up.

Etc Etc yadda yadda... read the rest at jump-in

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Bring it.



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Yay i feel like all is right with the world now lol

Not sure how im feeling about tonights show


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Heard an ad on 2dayFM at 6:30pm for tonight, I know that they regularly have radio ads but they picked good timing - Shazam Top 20 was on and they were playing back-to-back Taylor Swift's new album, a great way to advertise to the teenyboppers demographic.

I was just station hopping by the way.


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OH OHHHH! There was a random ad on Channel 9 just now and I SWEAR the voice-over was the exact same guy who used to do the Channel 10/BB01 promos :cry::cry::cry::cry: