Episode Day 44 (21/10/14) Eviction #7 and cash self-eviction


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not chilli silly - CHILLY (as in cold) Chilly Bin ...

I still think chilly bin is a better name for it than Eski? (which surely comes from Eskimo ... but why didnt they go for Igloo Box? :p

Haha! I can't believe I wrote 'chilli' instead of chilly! I blame the distraction of posting / watching simultaneously :p .

You could be right re: Eski = Eskimo. Hadn't made the connection before, but it now seems obvious!


Eddie would go
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Skype cant sing (she is marginally better than the rest) Aish maybe has a voice if she opened it up a bit. Skype doesn't have to sing because it is piss easy to record whatever tatt she spews into the disk then we overlay a dickhead barbie gal over it and make her sound like a pop idol. *shudddddddering*


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I just realised.....I may have like been to drunk to notice....but was there a scene where like the hms were told about Lawson and Cat and Aisha got really angry?


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Have you tried panadol? Or dencorub?



No soup for you!
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Jason won't go. He got a massive wave of sympathy votes leading into the weekend. He's also not worth them completely shitting themselves like they have. It's Dave...or maybe Priya.


Ya bloody bugger
Tim is like "Quick Draw Mcgraw" with his purple marker (although a bit tardish tonight) sorry Tim:p

I was at karaoke tonight so missed the show but bloody stoked to see Sandra misery guts is gone.