Episode Day 22 (29/30/2014) Live: Surprise Eviction


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maybe the voting gap would be larger if I could actually vote for priya...


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Paddy Lock

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Am I the only one who's not shocked that Cat got the most saves. I knew she'd get the sympathy vote cause people felt sorry for her in that fight with the girls. And plus, she's the "nice girl" and not intimidating.
Dare I say there's a bit of an inflated sense of self-importance in this forum. I wouldn't believe for a minute that the opinions on here are a true reflection of the thousands of people who pay for this show.


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Wow its close you better vote for your fave if they are up, cause 1% each separates the lowest and the next saved one.

Well, yeah. That's what showing us the alledged percentages was about. The fact that they're BS doesn't matter. No way Cat most saves. Travis, I could see (due to stupid tweenies) and possibly Katie for the same reason, but Cat? Plus the percentages of the rest being so close?
Don't try and play us who like this show, it just proves you don't give a shit.


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Did some mental maths and these are the percentages I came up with for tomorrows at the moment.