Episode Day 22 (29/30/2014) Live: Surprise Eviction


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Prisus' tears and kisses

I heard they are like holy water and one drop can regrow limbs

Inigo Montoya

The New Dread Pirate Roberts.
Okay I'm pissed Katie hasn't left!! I thought Dion might leave but now that he was evicted, it just feels so odd and I feel he didn't deserve to leave for some reason.
I feel like he didn't do anything to justify being there. Gemma said in an interview that Dion WANTED to leave in the next few weeks so he could compete in a triathlon. I'm happy that he is gone. Really what did he bring to the show beside a good body?


No time for love Dr Jones
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So my theory was correct.

The gym junkie meathead intruder was picked only a few days ago. The producers knew Dion was trailing in save votes.

So only a few days in lockdown and the Facebook page which was only very recently shut down...