Episode Day 101 (6/11/13): Grand Final (155m) discussion


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Anyone here going to or know someone going to the after party? Is it held in the hotel they are staying at?


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That's really really really really really mean. Hope it gets back to you ass hole

Let's shout it out so the crew can hear us. :rolleyes:


Not the results. The show itself.

I have to agree!! Best series ever, but this was not EXCITING! So much rehashing of footage we have seen ten times already!
No Walk and as much as I hate the DANCE even that was lack lusture!


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Actually IMHO, and being a woman of (ahem) a certain age,we are the last demographic who would vote for Jade. We've either been there and done that or have watched a friend been there and done that, and would certainly not spend money on encouraging her behavior.

But you've never encountered an insufferable red headed freak?


Tim played the game more then anyone in the history of big brother world wide.. The guy is a god in years to come there will be people trying to play the same way but fail hard. No one will be better then the puppet master!


Best Winner Ever, but Worst Finale Production Ever.

To me, Tim is the only winner who actually played the game from the start to the end. other winners have just somehow got to the end.


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Just got home to see the end I thought it would be finished. First time I have voted since that Dino was on. Great housemates this year but the show 9 put to air could have been better. If only I had live feeds and you guys were keeping me up to date.


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Maybe for you but I'm just not that into it anymore. Maybe because I'm older - who knows. Just was not into it tonight. Not for the whole season. I persevered but it just didn't get there for me.

Yeah the show itself was lacking.

It still holds a dear place in my heart though ;-)
So they kill time all night stretching stupid segments out, then dont leave enough time to have proper interviews with the runner up and winner? Makes no sense at all.

Exactly what the hell!

But go Tim! Entertained us from day one, such a deserving winner.


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So happy Tim won. The first time my fave has won.
They prob didn't interview him so that ppl watch mornings to see him on it.

Wish I was at the wrap party. I'd love to be a fly on the wall


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What a shitty finale. They spent so much time recapping everything that they ran out of time at the end...


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Is it justy me or does $5000 and $10000 seem like an insult to the runner ups?

Oh and a second hand TV?


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ok crack open the champers - congratulations to Tim, and also to Jade and Tahan

will need to read through this thread tomorrow when the forum isnt jumping 3-4 pages in one hit :)
I'm sure to have missed out on so much ...

Let's hope in 2014 we get a bunch of HM's who are as good as this lot have been - but a few less model/hopeful actor types please!!! and lets hope they get better LF's and updates who aren't based over in BBMumbaiHQ! (I think a few of us could apply for the job!!)


I don't think the finale was that bad. That ad for that new show right before announcing the winner was fucking disgusting though. Shame on Nine for doing that.

So stoked Tim won though. Lame that they didn't show him the highlights, if they were short on time they should have cut Ben & Laylas bullshit, they were fucking awful.