Episode Day 101 (6/11/13): Grand Final (155m) discussion


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If anything, Jade's relationship with Ed brought her popularity down so much. I can't imagine what her votes would have been had she NOT gotten together with him.

You're kidding right? Is the pity she derived from Ed's unrequited love and the pathetic empathy from jaded middle aged women that got Jade this far.


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Look on the bright side, at least yet another depraved drongo with a 3 letter short-form Christian name isn't gunna win :D

... or a gurl !



Yay TImMY xxxxxx Best thing is we will get a great big brother next year, no dull housemates. Tim has shown it can be done !


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omg Jade looks so GLORIOUS waving to her PUBLIC



Well it's been fun, thank you all for the entertainment, but team tim won, so....na na na na boo boo stick your head in do doo


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whoever decides on dresses for the hm's needs their heads red - poor Jade could hardly walk in that dress! and compared to the one Tahan was wearing it doesn't flatter her nearly as much ... no colour :( She is such a beautiful girl - shame on the stylist!!!


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[MENTION=30612]TraLa[/MENTION] I'm crying again and I'm half in the bag. I love you but I feel no shame for this one xo

Okay this is awkward...

You went to all the trouble to notify me so I am guessing you want a response.

Yay you!! You are so lucky to be crying! I hope you have the BEST CRY EVER!!!!!!


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I don't think I have ever been happier with a winner of Big Brother ever... Tim earned this, and unlike Ben from last year he wasn't a total dick to the other housemates about it either. He really deserved this win.