Episode Day 101 (6/11/13): Grand Final (155m) discussion


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Welcome to the official Behind Big Brother discussion topic for tonight's LIVE Grand Final show - 30 minutes to go [in most states]!

The running time for the Grand Final show is 155 minutes - any recordings may need to be manually extended to avoid cutting off the winner announcement.

As per the front page post, the finale will be live into NSW, Vic, Qld, SA & Tas:
  • NSW: 7:30 pm on Channel 9/WIN/NBN
  • Vic: 7:30 pm on Channel 9/WIN after Big Bang Theory
  • Qld: 6:30 pm on Channel 9/WIN after 9/WIN News
  • SA: 7:00 pm on Channel 9/WIN after A Current Affair
  • Tas: 7:30 pm on WIN after Big Bang Theory
The finale will air at 7pm in WA & the NT on delay (not live).

Phone & SMS voting lines close at 8 pm AEDT. Facebook voting closes at 7:30 pm AEDT. You've got between 30 and 60 minutes left to vote, depending on the voting method.

Who will win - Tim, Tahan or Jade?


[MENTION=29589]Melore[/MENTION] and [MENTION=26227]NurseNikki[/MENTION] I had completely forgotten about that... err... song? Now it's stuck in my head. I blame both of you. :(

Accidentally tagged Medusa instead. Sorry. :(


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Lucky buggers you are. See you after the show from here behind-the-black-stump Perth.


Noooo No...
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T minus 20 minutes to show start and forum crash. :p

Let's get this party started...



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im here. cant wait to get started .hoping it doesnt get laggy when it comes down to the evictions


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Please help, about an hour ago I SMS voted multiple times but I've received no notification that my texts went through. It's the first time I've voted all season. Have I actually voted, does anyone know?