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Davina to host new BBUK series with Rylan


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OK, disclaimer - it's a series about BBUK, not a new series of BBUK - but this is huge news - Big Brother is returning to the C4 family.

Big Brother's Best Shows will air on C4 spin off E4 (which used to air BBLB, Big Mouth etc.) and celebrate 20 years of BBUK. As recently as a couple of weeks ago the C4 chief denied they were planning to bring back BBUK, but clearly they are willing to give the fans a little something, which may or may not lead to something.

Davina: “I lived and breathed Big Brother for 11 years. Not one week goes by when I don’t quote it in some form. It made me laugh, it made me cry and taught me to never judge a book by its cover. I love the show and can’t wait to share it with a whole new audience."

Rylan: “I’m so excited to be bringing Big Brother back to our lives. There will be laughs, tears and drama, but most of all we get to relive some of Big Brother’s greatest episodes.”


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Now confirmed this will be introductions to classic episodes which will begin airing later this month.

To say this has got the BBUK fanbase speculating is an understatement - only two weeks ago the C4 boss denied they were looking at the show. They have focused on getting The Circle off the ground over the last couple of years but with Netflix sniffing around that and C4 not seemingly able to lock it down as much as they wanted too, BBUK might be back on the table.


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This is really exciting! Do you think they will be using it to kind of test the waters for the channel 4 audience for Big Brother? See how the ratings go and maybe if they're good, bring back the show?


Could've done without Rylan imo... Would've preferred to see Davina and Emma paired together.


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This is an interesting development - I haven’t been able to find many E4 ratings to see how they are doing, but I would imagine they would like their own stripped-reality equivalent of Love Island. I guess the closest they have is Celebs Go Dating which airs nightly for 4 weeks a series.

The channel is definitely lacking a big show at the moment. I wouldn’t want to see a return just yet (I personally feel the show needs a bit more breathing space to separate it from the C5 era) but having the show back in C4’s hands and even just a decent social media account to keep things mildly bubbling along for another year or wouldn’t be a bad idea should they be looking at a re-launch. A nice fit could be Celebrity Big Brother on C4 and the normal version on E4 later in the year.


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This is awesome news but not getting my hopes up for a C4 revival.

Seems like it just makes sense to air a BB throwback show as it would be cheap to produce and fills in a programming slot nicely whilst this whole Covid situation takes over and halts TV productions.

I would love to see it back on C4 though with a better casting process than what we received from the C5 civilian seasons.