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Game Create Big Brother


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Imagine you are the executive producer of Big Brother. You must come up with a scedual (what times it is on and for how long, what days, what shows), find a new host, come up with twists and extras, and mould Big Brother your way. And if you wish, make a set and new logo and maybe a house.


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I might not be able to figure out the rest too well, but for the shows i would go back to a schedule similar to BBAU

Daily show for 1 hour on Monday which includes 15 minutes of nominations, using channel 9's setup of pre-recorded noms (housemates would nominate in the morning on Monday, which would be condensed down to 15 minutes of footage). 7:00-8:00pm

Hour daily should Tues-Friday 7:00-8:00pm

Bring back live games for 1 & a half hours on friday night immediately after the daily show. 8:00-9:30pm

No show on saturday, however an uplate for 1 & a half hours on GO! Which shows live footage (hosted by mike) 10:00-11:30pm

Live show on sunday which includes 1 & a half hours of footage and an eviction (lasting 2 hours in total) 8:00-10:00pm

I will come back and post about the other stuff later :)
But that schedule would be lovely
Schedule -
Sunday: 6:30-8:00 (Live Eviction)
Monday: 7:30-9:00 (Nominations)
Tuesday: 7:30-8:30
Wednesday: 7:30-8:30
Thursday: 7:30-8:30
Friday: 8:30-9:30 (FNL) + 10:30-11:30 (Live Footage of Friday Feasts)
Saturday: N/A

Host -
For the host I'd want someone who could grow with the show, as much as I love Sonia she has her own brand to take care of and she can't fully commit herself to Big Brother. Maybe an up and coming female presenter, possibly in the 28-35 age range.
Also, I'd want @Timdormer to have a section on Monday nights nominations to interview the evicted housemate and talk strategy and his views on the game, he's the ultimate Big Brother housemate and it'd be nice to get his opinion on things + he can grill housemates with host.

Nominations -
I like the current format of nominations, where you have 5 points to nominate two housemates with, it serves for a good strategic use and also just generally keeps the game fair. I don't think that I'd want a "power player" to have power in nominations, so every week all housemates vote the same way.

Intruders -
For my season, I would want to "shake up the game" (as the Channel 9 execs. call it), and instead of putting completely new housemates into the mix, I would have a "second chance round". For this, let's say we started with 16 housemates. After there is 8 left, the 8 evicted housemates go back into the house, but only for an hour. There, the 8 remaining housemates will vote for nominations normally, but instead they'll be voting for an evicted housemate to be eligible for the public vote to go back into the house. The 4 highest scoring housemates will then go into a vote, with the top two voted on by Australia, they will then re-enter the house as Intruders. While the week is going on, the four housemates that were nominated will remain in the house, and the two that aren't saved go home like normal.


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I would have Danii Minogue take over as host. She is fun and light. I would not have her read off an auto-cue constantly however.

Twist: The twist would be much like the secrets twist if BB12, however tweaked. Instead of the secrets being over within 2 weeks, they would continue for 4 weeks. But, the secrets will not be told to the housemates. Half of the housemates will not have a secret and half will. The secrets would be hidden through out the house, in cracks and places where no one would look. Winners of a sub challenge each week would receive a clue.

The house:
The house would be a fantasy house. With space themes, 70's themes and medieval themes.

The stage would be like it currently is, but open and larger with less fluro lighting.

Sunday- 9.00pm-10.00pm Daily Show
Monday: 7.30pm-9.00pm Live Eviction, 10.30pm-11.30pm Live Feed
Tuesday: 7.30pm-8.40pm Live Nominations
Wednesday: 7.30pm-9.00pm Daily Show, 9.00pm-10.00pm Showdown
Thursday: 7.30pm-8.40pm Daily show, 9.40pm-11.00pm Live feed
Friday: 8.00pm-9.00pm Daily Show
Saturday: 9.40pm-10.40pm Live feed.

Live feeds would be on Go!

Nominations would be done in a revamped Nominations Chamber, which instead of facing a camera the housemates face the others.

Show down would be live and hosted by Tim Dormer alone.

The would be a 24/7 Live Feed with a payment of $40.00 for 1 season. When the feed is broad casting on Tv the online feed would be turned off.

The graphics and theme would be similar to the 2003-2004 theme but instead of a real eye there would be an eye that is themed the way the rest of the graphics are. The music would be the original 2001 theme.


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I'm not that hard to please. If the schedule was similar to the channel 10 days I would be happy.

I also like 100 day seasons so I would make the show last around that number.

6.30 Big Brother. Weekend Highlights. (Normal Daily Show)
7.30 Big Brother: Live Eviction

7.00 Big Brother. Daily show.
7.30 Big Brother: Live Nominations
9.30 Big Brother: Adults Only (MA15+)
11.30 Big Brother Up-Late. Live.

7.00 Big Brother. 1 hr daily show.

11.30 Big Brother Up-Late. Live.

7.00 Big Brother. 1 hr daily show.

11.30 Big Brother Up-Late. Live.

7.00 Big Brother. 1 hr daily show.

11.30 Big Brother Up-Late. Live.

7.00 Big Brother. Daily show.
7.30 Big Brother: Live Friday Night Games.

11.30 Big Brother Up-Late. Live.

Ahhhhhhhh! :) I don't want to wake up to reality.


I'm not going to go as far as to create a logo or a house or anything but I had previously thought of a twist (not sure if it's been done before) which now would be a perfect time to share with you all. I'm going to try an keep it as brief as possible.

The Bunker twist
- 18 housemates
- In the first 24 hours, they must decide amongst them which 8 will not become housemates.
- Chosen 8 will secretly live in the Bunker (a separate house) where they cannot be evicted.
- Nominations and evictions in the Main House play out as normal.
- After each housemate is evicted from the Main House, a round of nominations take place in the Bunker where the housemate with the most nominations is sent back to the Main House to replace the evictee.
- Twist continues to Week 5 where 5 housemates would still be remaining in the Bunker. These 5 face the public vote for the first time and one is evicted. The other four rejoin the Main House.

Basically the idea behind this twist is that house dynamics in the Main House are changed each week due to both a housemate leaving and a housemate entering.

Also, the housemates in The Bunker suffer less disadvantages as the classic intruder because the public would have been watching them for the same amount of time as the other housemates.
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Synopsis: 18 of the most controversial and most successful Housemates from three countries --- Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom --- compete in one house for the title of World's Greatest Housemate, and a prize of $1,000,000..... with a twist.


Network Ten (live feeds on TVSN) - Australia
Channel 5 - UK


Julie Chen - USA
Gretel Kileen - Australia
Emma Willis - UK

Daily Show Narrator: Mike Goldman

Taped at: Big Brother House, Dreamworld, Coomera, Queensland Australia




Sara-Marie Fedele - Big Brother 1
Belinda Thorpe - Big Brother 3
Michael Cox - Big Brother 6
Benjamin "Ben" Norris - Big Brother 9
Tim Dormer - Big Brother 10
Priya Malik - Big Brother 11


Nick Bateman - Big Brother 1
Emma Greenwood and Michelle Bass - Big Brother 5 (competing as one Housemate)
Makosi Musambasi - Big Brother 6
Kenneth Tong - Big Brother 10
Dave Vaughan - Big Brother 11
Helen Wood - Big Brother 15


Dr. Will Kirby - Big Brother 2
Daniele Donato - Big Brother 8
Dan Gheesling - Big Brother 10
Jordan Lloyd - Big Brother 11
Andy Herren - Big Brother 15
Derrick Levasseur - Big Brother 16


UK - Brian Belo
Australia - Estelle Landy
US - Frankie Grande


Big 13 Commandments:

• No contact with the outside world
• Nominations are compulsory
• Nominations cannot be discussed with other Housemates
• Housemates can only ever talk with Big Brother in the Diary Room
• Housemates may not communicate in code and/or foreign or sign languages
• Housemates must never act violently
• Housemates must never bully anyone because of their sexuality or gender
• Housemates must not knowingly defame or vilify any individual or group
• All sexual attention must be invited and consent be mutual & informed
• All tasks are compulsory
• Housemates cannot discuss former series or what they will do if they win
• Housemates must always obey Big Brother


18 contestants live in an isolated house for several months. Housemates are at all times under the control of Big Brother, a rule enforcing authority figure who monitors behavior of the housemates, set tasks and punishments and provides the mechanism for contestants to make external requests.

Housemates must remain in the house at all times, and avoid being evicted by viewers of the show with the aim of winning a substantial cash prize at the end of the series. Alternatively, housemates can also be removed from the house if Big Brother feels this is necessary, and can voluntarily leave the show at any time. In order to support the housemates' well-being on matters such as wanting to leave the house, all participants have access to the Big Brother psychologist, and a doctor, at all times.

Housemates are filmed 24 hours per day with edited highlights broadcast during prime time slots every evening (8 PM/7c).

The House:

The purpose built house is located at Dreamworld.

Diary Room

Nominations Chamber

Presidential Suite

Backyard (with swimming pool and hot tub)

Living Room

Lounge Area

Kitchen/Dining Area

The Utility Room, a regularly renovated room that has various uses

Large Bedroom, along with storage shelves to store the housemates' possessions

Small Bedroom


Secret executive bathroom, accessed via a secret door in the bedroom disguised as a shelf

Gym and fitness area

Outdoor entertainment complex/outdoor pizza oven/club area with dance floor and DJ booth


Each week BB will set the group a task, which housemates will have to tackle together. The tasks vary from physical to mental challenges but are all designed to get the group to cooperate and work together. Housemates will be asked to bet a proportion of their weekly budget on whether they will successfully complete the task. They will be required to bet between a minimum of 50% and a maximum of 100%.

There will generally be a budget of $2.50 to $5 and similar amounts in other countries, per person per day. The budget is kept to a minimum but the group will never starve. BB provides basic provisions based on USDA Health Department estimations of a normal minimum daily intake per person.

The task is not optional. All housemates must take part or they could be eligible for ejection from the house. Sometimes the challenges may require the group to work as individuals, on other occasions the challenge may require group work and co-operation in teams. As with weekly tasks, these challenges are not optional.

Diary Room:

A room is provided for the housemates to share their experiences with BB. This is an important part of the program, and it is therefore compulsory for all contestants to go to the Diary Room when requested by BB.


In the nomination process itself, housemates each have five points to appoint to two other housemates. They may give one housemate four points, and another one; or they may give one housemate two points and another three. Either way, they must give valid, honest reasons for their choices. If Big Brother feels a housemate's nomination is not clear and concise, he may decide to give the nominating housemate one nomination point. The three housemates with the highest number of points are revealed to the housemates. In the case of a third place tie, all those tying for third place are eligible for eviction. On these occasions more than three housemates would be up for eviction.

One housemate each week will earn the Nomination Super Power; an advantage to one housemate for nominations in a given week. The most recent evictee decides on which housemate they would like to have the power, without knowing what that power is. (In the first week, the winner of Friday Night Live also gets the NS.)

A fundamental and strongly-enforced rule of Big Brother is that nominations, and the use of the Nominations Superpower, are not to be discussed at all. Specifically, all housemates are forbidden from disclosing to other housemates who they have previously nominated, who they plan to nominate in the future, or who their Twist has been used on; and they must not engage in conjecture about who may attract nomination votes and why. These discussions are banned and are deemed collusion by Big Brother. Breaking this rule incurs fines, punishment, or loss of the right to nominate in the following round.


After the three housemates with the highest number of nomination points are revealed, the audience is allowed to vote for the person they want to save. The viewing audience may vote via Facebook, text messaging, or by calling in using special numbers. The audience may vote as many times as they like, however, each vote costs money (plus standard text messaging rates). They can only vote for those housemates that are up for nomination and the housemate with the least amount of votes to save them are evicted on the live Sunday show.


Intruders are new housemates added to the house by the show's producers as an on-going housemate after the series has started. They are eligible to win the final prize.

Prize Money:

Unlike previous seasons, the prize money starts at US$1,000,000 (AU$1,152,489.87/UK£626,657.29). However, US$5,000 is deducted every time the housemates break a rule. Such rules include discussing nominations (which must remain secret), not giving adequate reasons for nominating, and forgetting to wear microphones at all times. In general, if Big Brother catches you breaking a rule, you'll get a fine for it. Contestants will have a chance to earn back some of their prize money in a special Friday Night Live competition.

Other Prizes:

Housemates who are evicted will walk away with a collection of prizes, including a cell phone (with subscriptions to live feeds), a trip, and a brand new car.

In addition, housemates may have the opportunity to win other prizes for use either during or after the competition in various tasks and challenges set to them by Big Brother.

Friday Night Live:

Big Brother Friday Night Live is a live show hosted by former Big Brother Housemates Mike "Boogie" Malin, Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald, and Rachel Reilly, showcasing a live housemate games competition conducted in an arena attached to the compound every Friday evening. The housemate evicted the previous week joins the hosting panel.

The winner of these games each week is rewarded with:

1. $10,000 in cash (courtesy of a sponsor)
2. The Power of Veto, which gives HMs the ability to save one housemate (including themselves, if applicable) from nomination and replace them with another
3. The Nominations Superpower (in Week 1 only)
4. The right, privilege, and honor of spending the weekend with another HM in the Presidential Suite

After the games, there is typically a party thrown by Big Brother which follows that week's theme involving much food and drink, party games, and a dance at Club BB.

Big Brother Confidential:
A mature show narrated by Clayton Halsey. It features many unseen and uncensored house footage throughout the week.

Weekly Schedule:

Sunday: Live Eviction/Daily Show [90 min.]
Monday: Nominations/Daily Show [90 min.]
Tuesday: Daily Show [60 min.]
Wednesday: Daily Show [60 min.]
Thursday: Daily Show [60 min.]/Confidential [30 min.]
Friday: Daily Show [60 min.]/Friday Night Live [60 min.]

Big Brother After Dark: Every Night at 1 am/12c


Get that fire exit door. I'm off
  • (7:30) Monday is daily show with 20 minutes for pre recorded nominations that happen in the diary room. Task is also introduced on this day. Big Brother only accepts GOOD responses.
  • (7:30)Tuesday is a daily show, shows the task being done
  • (7:30)Wednesday is a daily show with (9:30)Big Mouth and (10:30)Up Late Live with Mikey Goldman
  • Thursday is a daily show
  • (7:00)Friday is short daily show (Task result is given (Fail/Win) and re-cap of the task is shown) and then (7:30) Friday Night Live (Hosted by Fitzy, Michael (2012), Mikey Goldman and the latest evictee) for the next hour and a half. Includes the ninjas, original tasks with theme nights.
  • Nothing on Saturday
  • Sunday is Live eviction with host. Includes weekend highlights in the house,

Host: Would love to bring back Gretel, Ditch Sonia, but if no Gretel than definitely someone who can interact with the crowd properly and not copy jokes year after year.

House: Something very modern and techy. No "The Block" Baths.

Eviction would see the return of the eviction walkway and more seating. The crane lifted action cam would return to show the audience and posters would be allowed for people to hold up. No autocue for audience chat!