Contents of 'dismantled' BB house for sale in online auction


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It was clear it was seperate as there was a point at one stage when Penny was in the Diary Room and she stood between the chair and wings because it was something she had wanted to do after seeing it on TV to look like she had wings/was an angel. She also told BB that she was careful to not stand on the piece of foam - whatever that was for.
Ah forgot about that[DOUBLEPOST=1441955878][/DOUBLEPOST]
Funny you should say that, John De Mol (the creator of big brother) actually owns shares into the dutch SBS Broadcasting. Hahahaha. Oh well, SBS Australia I doubt would have the finances for something like big brother.
who even watches sbs


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So bids for the Diary Room chair have doubled over the last couple of days, while you can still get a 50 inch TV for around $150 -plenty of them to bid on! Notice they had a Slingbox too - wonder if that's how they viewed other BB's rather than going the download route.


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I'm tempted to place a bid. The only thing that's stopping me is that I have no connection with anything. This series wasn't very good, therefore I didn't watch much of it. If it were any other series I wouldn't hesitate to spend big bucks on memorabilia. :(


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Whilst I'm waiting, I think I found your makeup trolleys @Inigo Montoya



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That's it, folks - all done and dusted.

EXCEPT for Auction #2 :p

Some highlights of Auction #1 :

Diary Room Chair LOT 1A - $810
Large Prop Remote LOT 13 - $41
Deer Wall Hanging LOT 14 - $90
Sharp 70" LCD TV LOT 22 - $1420
Sauna Door LOT 40 - $26
Powder Room Trolleys LOT 49 - $160 @Inigo Montoya
Metal Detectors LOT 97 - $46
Parrot LOT 103 - $202 o_O
Dining Table LOT 111 - $1210
Kitchen Unit/Cabinet LOT 159 - $3500
Captain's Quarters Dining Table LOT 170 - $222
Captain's Quarters Leather Lounge Suite LOT 175 - $1120
THAT Bath LOT 189 - $650
Old Style Red Telephone LOT 195 - $65
Wrought Iron Gates LOT 241 - $510
Rock Pillows LOT 250 - $142 @BigBrotherCritic :eek:
Thumbs Up & Down LOT 257 & 258 - $22 ea
Suitcases (HM) LOT 349 - $210
Gretel's Lip Couch LOT 432 - $290 @Lucas (small bidding war on this)
Sanitary and hairdressing items LOT 493 - $44 @delcan
Flat Ninga x7 LOT 496 - $72


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Alright folks. So who here is a winning bidder and what did you win? ;)

Interesting to see which housemate pairs are more popular even now, based on the Christmas stocking bidding:
  • Travis and Priya: $41
  • Skye and Leo: $32
  • Penny and Lina: $27
  • David and Ryan: $26
PS: I see they corrected the spelling for "Grettel's" lip couch :p.


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Does anyone remember this task? Was there a Mexican flag? I need a Mexican flag, if it's there, I can put the others into good use (probably for the Olympics)



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Aaarggh! This must be 2013 stuff as well!

Clothing, 80's theme, assorted including tights, leggings, shirts, dressers, jackets, swimmers, skirts etc., to 2x bags


Fancy dress costumes, including capes, glitter jackets, cave man, togas, masks, vampire outfit, coats, trunk, gladiator, prince charming, shirts, nerd outfits, goddess dress, school outfits etc., to 2x bags



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OMG - this is the 2013 task!

Christmas costumes assorted, including 2x female elf suits, 2x male elf suits, 6x pairs of pixie shoes, elf ears, tights etc



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Yup, it's a huge clear-out. Even task dept/build tools going by the looks of it.

Hey @Tim here's one for you. Just add glitter strips for your dance routine! ;)

LOT 240 - 200 ltr drums painted silver, x4