Contents of 'dismantled' BB house for sale in online auction


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Do all of these go to channel 9 or endemol because I have no idea how this works. Is it owned by the licensee ect. It's interesting they are selling channel 10 era shit, I don't know what it could me hahaha! I had a thought channel 9 was doing it to get some extra dosh, (if the licensee got to own everything).
I think the auctioning company have bought all the furniture for the express purpose of making a profit. :(

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You should buy it Inigo. You might as well get it if you need it and you will have a part of the Big Brother house with you! ;)
The thing is I have other more important things to pay for this week, so unfortunately I won't be able to afford it and + I had no idea how I was going to get it from qld to mine... I really did want it though and it would have been cool to own something that was in the big brother house, but it was not meant to be.


Like working a job 24/7, for 2 days on the trot
So essentially this means big brothers dead? Or 9 has no plans for renewal? I would be happy if 10 was interested though haha :D
What about Channel 7? That would be interesting[DOUBLEPOST=1441883637][/DOUBLEPOST]Besides the mole, what Australian Reality Shows has Channel 7 ran?


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I was under the impression that BB producers rented/hired a lot of the furniture/appliances/etc that were in the house and the business/es who it belongs to clear it out in this manner every year.
Oh maybe yeah, I honestly don't know. I just want goon to give us some kind of news asap hahaha.

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Also, has anyone noticed how the website has completely avoided mentioning the name Big Brother whatsoever? They're calling it "Contents Of Reality Show Production".

I wonder if it's to do with trademarks or the fact they just don't think the stuff would sell if they mentioned it BB (like it's not obvious :p).


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This is kind of the best and worst thing ever to happen to BBAU. We knew it was inevitable anyway and the show hadn't exactly left us longing for it to return after last years mess, but really is fascinating seeing literally everything up for sale. Will be interesting to see how prices fair in the next week too - can't see any indication of reserve prices but at the moment you can get mobiles for dollars, TVs for less than $50 and if you're kitting out a house you could probably do it for less than $1000. Obviously expect prices to move upwards but some potential bargains are definately there.

I've also done a quick write up on the front page so next time you accidently end up there instead of the forums take a look.


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I still can't get over the number of "couches", fridges and TVs. O_O

And, didn't one of the HMs say they wanted the "Deer head" wall-hanging ?

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It was clear it was seperate as there was a point at one stage when Penny was in the Diary Room and she stood between the chair and wings because it was something she had wanted to do after seeing it on TV to look like she had wings/was an angel. She also told BB that she was careful to not stand on the piece of foam - whatever that was for.