Construction starts on new house in Sydney Olympic Park


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Construction has started on the new house at Homebush, Sydney in preparation for Big Brother VIP

EXCLUSIVE | Construction starts on new BIG BROTHER house in new location​

As production gears up for the next series of Big Brother, which will be a celebrity edition, TV Blackbox can reveal construction of a brand new house has already begun in Sydney Olympic Park at Homebush.

Channel 7 confirmed the news through a spokesperson, saying:

“Construction is now underway, in a COVID safe manner, on the new custom built house”​

Production company Endemol Shine Australia was forced to find a new location after the National Parks and Wildlife Service NSW declined to renew the lease for the site that was used for the first two seasons of the revised format.

As we first reported back in December, the decision not to renew Endemol Shine’s lease was made due to concerns for local wildlife. The production brought with it a significant amount of people which displaced some animals from their natural habitat.

The new house is significantly different to the current house and production is set to start soon. Sources tell TV Blackbox the celebrity cast is locked in and producers believe viewers will genuinely be excited by the VIPs taking part.

Host Sonia Kruger recently revealed on KIIS FM:

“I can just tell you there are some extraordinary internationals who will be taking part”​

The new purpose built house has had DA approval from the local council and we are told viewers can expect a very different feel in the new location.

BIG BROTHER VIP will air later this year on Channel 7 and 7plus​



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I like the sound of "new purpose-built house". The Manly one was wedged into the existing buildings, and it showed. And HMs had to travel by van to the challenge area(s) etc. Producers were probably wowed by the location at the time though. And you have to admit the dramatic cliff drone shots were gorgeous (if milked for all they were worth). Anyway, looking forward to something new. Not sure the shots of Homebush can compete though lol.


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Welp, guess the Dreamworld dream is still dead.

Given how low standards they have for “international celebrities”, it’d be kinda cool if they imported someone from BBUS/CAN (not Frankie Grande)


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Some extraordinary internationals hey?
Wonder how they got them in 😂

Hopefully this Sydney lockdown bullshit isn’t going to affect filming or the series.


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I went digging for some Development Applications in Sydney Olympic Park and found this:

Indicates house will be built at the White Pavilion in Royal Agriculture Society Site in SOP. No attachments unfortunately.
(Not sure if this should be in a new house thread?)
Nice find! Pity we didn't catch wind of it sooner or we might have been able to view it while the DA was on exhibition.


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So I'm a bit confused if they are building "temporary structures", or building it inside the White Pavilion. There's no outdoor space for a yard or pool, unless the pavilion itself can be deconstructed.

BBBA spies, get on your bikes and go get some photos, stat!

Screenshot from 2021-07-14 10-32-47.png

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I’m excited for a purpose built house again, I liked the North Head site but couldn’t really shake off the feeling of patchy painted plywood stapled to an old warehouse with a dodgy joined bathroom between 2 of them.

Hopefully the olympic park compound will iron out the aesthetic issues that the north head complex had


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It probably will be the same method as the previous 2 seasons; crammed into an existing structure and easily dismantled. :rolleyes:
I have hope in that it refers to temporary structures, and not specifically internal modifications.

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First of all that’s way too close to a main road.
I think the actual house should be more in the secluded areas of Olympic park. It’s a big area that it covers and they would want to go to the areas they can police better.

if you look it up on Google maps there is a huge amount of buildings scattered out there or they could even build a permanent structure in some of those areas,
I can’t see it being in such a heavily populated area and how it’s going to work.
the exterior is going to be ugly.


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Yeah, Nah.
I thought it was an odd location as well, right behind the M4 seems very odd. But not sure what other show that DA could relate to that Endemol would need living & sleeping quarters and an outdoor backyard?

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Unless the actual location is elsewhere and it’s been put as that for public record due to safety etc?
It just doesn’t match up.


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The White Pavilion is like a big tent structure? Wonder if it can be taken down?

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It doesn't even look that big from that pic - not even wide enough for a long eviction couch.

I would assume it's more likely a house will be built in an existing structure as it just makes sense and is the way things are generally done. Even Dreamworld was essentially a big warehouse with the house built inside it. Quite surprised though they're opting for Olympic Park - surely that's a bit pricier than their previous site.