CLEO Bachelor of the Year


Well-Known Member

  • Q: What makes you a good choice for Bachelor?
    A: I have three sisters so I like to think I have a level of understanding when it comes to girls… and I love cooking and making my bed. Fresh sheets are the way to my heart.

  • Q: What did living in the Big Brother house taught you?
    A: That some ladies have tendency to pass wind occasionally. Girls don’t fart?

  • Q: You’ve travelled the world – which country has the best women?
    A: A bit of cliche but Australian girls are bloody beaut!

  • Q: What drink could a girl order to catch your attention?
    A: Bundy Rum for all the wrong reasons.. or maybe right. Who cares, each to their own.

  • Q: Have your fans ever scared you?
    A: I once got mobbed by a big pack of school girls near my house one day, it was a little overwhelming. One tried to grab my ass!