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Channel 7 upfronts live chat


Bucking the system
With the focus on the upfronts being to get advertisers to buy slots, you really need to factor where current demographics are focused.

It would take a couple of large ones to go for something that is almost 18 years old in concept, and NOT dress it up for 2020.

That scares me a little. 😱
"if you think you know BIG BROTHER, then think again. This time, everything has changed. The thrilling new era of BIG BROTHER begins."

^^^Preview if you google

matts bb

Always Watching 👀
Agreed. It's the pre-recorded and non-viewer engagement that has me most concerned. Everything else, including a US style format, I'm somewhat okay with.
Exactly. Because the manipulation and story creation of it all being edited as “storyline’s” changes the whole idea of what the core of BB is about.