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Celebrity Big Brother UK - January 2016


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Celebrity Big Brother 2016: New eye logo is unveiled as the show goes all vaudeville

A new Celebrity Big Brother eye has been unveiled before the series heads back to Channel 5 in January 2016.

Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal will present the long-running favourite which has an all-new theme for the new year.


Celebrity Big Brother’s Emma Willis (Channel 5)

The famous house in Elstree has undergone a major costume change; housemates will be transported to a striking and theatrical setting, echoing the vaudeville theatres of a bygone era.

As they take their cue to enter the house, the celebrities will descend down a “majestic” staircase, leading to glamorous rooms made up of rich, opulent textures and packed with intriguing curiosities.

Big Brother has set the scene – a decadent, antiquated world. However, behind the facade, there are hints at a grittier undertone…


Rylan Clark-Neal (Channel 5)

The housemates will discover some surprises when they set foot in their new residence.

For starters, the garden has been transformed into a Whitechapel-style foggy street scene and there’s a Victorian pub snug, which will provide a hidden corner for secrets and backstage backstabbing.

Names rumoured for a stay in Elstree include The Only Way Is Essex’s Gemma Collins.


Gemma Collins (Ian West/PA)

The 34-year-old reality star has apparently been offered a six-figure sum to sign up.

Also tipped for the Diary Room chair is Scott Disick of Keeping Up With The Kardashians fame.


Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick (Scott Roth/Invision)

Reports claim Big Brother bosses will go all out to land the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s three children.

Scott, 32, was in rehab last month.

Story: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/celebrity-big-brother-2016-eye-091439786.html#6W1Bire


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Agreed @Kingston .

I can kind of understand them using it as a method of conveying a "Back To Basics" concept in a promo, but to use it as the official eye is just like you said... completely uninspired! :cool:


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Can't wait to see the garden, sounds like it will set a great atmosphere.
I know! It will be so refreshing if they pull it of right! :D

I'm really interested to see what they will do with the actual House though, I wonder if they will stick to the open-planned idea or go for something a little different?


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And I am praying they have made some sort of major change to the set...
The eye and catwalk are just so old and boring now. :(


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Not keen on the eye - just looks like they threw a few things together and hoped it worked. It doesn't.

And has anyone else never heard of the term "vaudeville" before - plus when will people realise that having work done to your face never results in improvement!


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So Emma Willis has only gone and got herself pregnant, and unlike Davina hasn't scheduled it around Big Brother series. It's due in May, meaning she'll either miss at least part of the summer civilian run, if not all of it - or rather than forcing Rylan up on those watching C5 will postpone the series a few weeks, probably to launch late June I'd guess.


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House pics released: http://www.bbspy.co.uk/cbb17/news/1...whitechapel-garden-see-pictures-image-gallery

Really don't think anybody could accuse C5 of not putting effort into the house - even when there are no structural changes (as in this case) they've made it feel quite different. Just a shame they don't put as much care into the series as they do the house.

Meh at this point it's just lipstick on a pig really... I can't fault Channel 5 on the decor but the changes they've made really don't make the space seem all that different... I mean the main living space is the most drastic change in the house and even then it's fairly obvious that they've merely swapped the kitchen and lounge space and isolated the dinning room table...

Side by side comparisons:

It's pretty easy to see how this:

Became this:


And while it's a different angle it's not hard to see how the same space later became this:



You can also easily see the similarities in these three versions of the former lounge/new kitchen:

They've basically swapped circle for a slightly smaller rectangle




The bedrooms are exactly the same except dressed differently and new decor:

Weird angle on this one

But almost no change for UK vs USA

Exactly the same in the new house




It also really isn't that hard to see that the bathroom garden are merely redecorated:








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We all know that Kingston but I do think from one house to the next the differences appear far greater than in BBUSA or BB Aus for example. Like the phrase "lipstick on a pig" though - sums it up.

Of course back in the days of C4 it was very much no expense spent on the Celeb BB house - they were very much an offshoot of the preceeding changes with the only changes made generally to winter proof it - usually just swapping a swimming pool for a hot tub. Small changes though usually did result in an improvement on the summer series.


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So with it starting Wednesday our time Daily Star has released the "apparent line up"

Danniella Westbrook
Christopher Maloney
Nancy Dell’Olio
David Gest
Gemma Collins
Angie Bowie
Kristina Rihanoff
Megan McKenna
Stephanie Davis
John Partridge
Scotty T
Jeremy McConnell
Winston McKenzie
Darren Day
Jonathan Cheban
Tiffany Pollard


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... and once again I have never heard of a single one. :confused:

I still love the show though! :)