Big Brother returns in the Netherlands


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For the 8th time in the last 12 months another country is reviving Big Brother - and this time it's the broadcaster where it all began back in 1999 as RTL in the Netherlands picks up the series.

Cultural phenomenon 'Big Brother' is returning to the Netherlands, the country where it all started, with original broadcaster RTL after 14 years off air.


This landmark deal marks the eighth comeback for Big Brother in the last 12 months with returns for the original format in Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Germany and Australia.

The news comes in the year that Big Brother celebrates its 20th anniversary, with the first ever episode airing in the Netherlands in September 1999. The long-running hit has enjoyed continued success in Italy, Spain and the US where the format has been on air since launching in 2000.
In a statement Endemol Shine Netherlands and RTL said:
“We have never made it a secret that we want to bring Big Brother back to the Netherlands, the country where it all started. Big Brother is still the most successful format worldwide and in the current context more relevant than ever: we now live in a Big Brother society. There are more and more comebacks in other countries and soon also in the Netherlands. A few weeks ago we started production behind the scenes and are very much looking forward to bringing Big Brother back on television after 14 years together with RTL.”

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This is broadcast live, right?

Looking through the official Instagram with the same identical branding as our current BBAU, it gives me half a semblance of what ours could look like if we also aired the show live. Sigh.

Even their answer to Eye Spy, Beyond Big Brother, seems more fleshed out in comparison.