Big Brother AU Greatest Moments

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Lightning McQueen

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Some more great memories of the past would have to be Uplate Big Brother with Mike Goldman. Reminds me back all those years ago from around 11:30pm to around 2am weeknights (around this time of you could tune in and watch Uplate BB live at night. Oh those were the days...

I loved "Up Late" too. He read out one of my emails hahaha.

Lightning McQueen

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Cool. You know all those years "Up Late" was on I still don't know why I never ever tried ringing up to try and win a thousand dollars on that brain teaser game...? lol.

My phone would never let me ring those kind of numbers hahaha.

I remember once when Reggie was a guest, and there was a word game, and she said "I'll give you $1000 if you tell me what 'stifled' (which she pronounced 'stiffled") means" :p


Formerly jasefan
OMG ... this is OT but has a tiny BB tie-in ... just found McLeod's Daughters for the first time ... which has now taken me down the Bridie Carter rabbit hole ... Is that Sonia co-hosting DWTS when Bridie was on??????


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Jamie McDonald outlasting emma cornell
She was the absolute drizzling shits

Saxon sconning gretski in the back of the head with a rubber chicken a very close 2nd


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Sid getting pecked in the back of the head by an emu during the BBAU 2021 Bird Task was a cracker moment for me!