Big Brother 2020 has finished.


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Well according to the media, all essential services will be shut down tomorrow. What does that mean for the show and contestants? Aren't they in the safest place right now? How big is the crew? This is a disaster for all involved. Updates in here.
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Olympics have been postponed.

Big Brother Live extremely unlikely to happen with coronavirus happening.


I wonder if they completely stopped filming the housemates during the shutdown, or if they just halted their plans for competitions during it...

Given it's all remotely controlled cameras for the general day-to-day filming, it wouldn't have made any sense to shut those off.


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If they can get to a conclusion pre-recording it may be the best decision Seven ever made. Canada has now been pulled though so you'd think it's only a matter of time. I'd have thought though it couldn't have long to go and even though I suspect they're going through a "weekly cycle" twice a week that could easily be made daily, or indeed virtually hourly, if needs be.


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WE ALL don't want a recording of BIG BROTHER show. Correct ? But think about it. Previews time when Big brother was telecast on channel 9 the show wasn't in fact live at all. You where simply watching a recording of the show a day ago 24hour ago. The fact they at times made it to look like it was live when it was up-solute fake with the LIVE symbol beside the channel 9 logo on the side of your tv sets.

I believe BIG BROTHER show will just be the very same like (I'm a celebrity.... Get me out of hear) in which they faked it by pretending it was live with a large symbol word LIVE next to the channel ten logo beside the screen. When in fact it was just a recorded show 24hours ago ( a day ago) I seriously so angry how tv's nowadays have to fool us thinking something is live when today you can sneak around online to find the truth about it.

but young people make believe everything you see and hear. But as you grow older you can tell the differences and know. When i was once young i thought a show was live and was so EXCITED. Now i look back and the show i used to watch wasn't really true live. Other then a day ago show to be telecast on tv for the audience.

The big brother show isn't going to be the exact same way we all wanted it to be. You wanted the back to it's (Formats) bring the (live webcams online) You wanted to have Gretel Klleen back to the show.. You wanted the show to become live and exclusive 90% most of the times.. You wanted to bring back (bb uplate show with Goldman) But non of that seems to be promising what so ever. So the show will look like much of a mix of Im a celebrity get me out of here like channel ten has.

Back in the days Big brother show was more vivid and more refreshed and LIVE and EXCLUSIVE and far more airtime of Big brother show on channel ten then any other show back then. But nowadays people are different guess the show will be as worst yet to come just like channel 9 ruined it all.

I remember you people how terrible you where about how bad the show was made when channel 9 took over. I will be suprise if it's the same situation but on channel 9. It doesn't matter which channel the show ends up been... Today the show isn't as realistic as Big brother was once before.

I DEMAND as im so ANGRY that one time we ask many times we wanted back its format. Not the channel 9 big brother show format... we wanted what it was from DAY 1 as BIG BROTHER SERIES 1 was before. Enough rubbish on tv there is. I rather go swipe the kitchen floor and forget everything.

Anyone with connected brain cells knows exactly who this is. Enjoy your few hours of freedom before yet another one of your accounts is banned.


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omg is it getluv?

I think they should use the corona virus storyline and how it affected production in the show it would interest viewers more.