Big Brother 2020 has begun


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The new season is currently being filmed in Sydney’s North Head and it is understood the cast have been inside the Big Brother house for about three weeks.
According to the The Australian’s Media Diary, the housemates have limited access to mobile phones and information about the outside world and therefore are unaware how much the coronavirus outbreak has escalated.

Why even bother calling this Big Brother?



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Big Brother contestants have been informed of the coronavirus pandemic.

An Endemol Shine spokesperson has told Seven News, “Endemol Shine Australia takes the health and safety of our crew and contestants extremely seriously.”

“We are working in line with current guidelines and production on Big Brother is continuing.

“Housemates have been brought across the current situation and we are in constant contact with the families to keep all involved up to date.”

Housemates entered the Manly compound three weeks ago in what may well be one of the safest sets in the country.

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IMG_20200317_090020.jpg I can't stand this website, the exact same thing happened when they were filming FNL back in the day and when they smuggled housemates through the camera runs, except they eventually started to dress them as Ninjas. - Source: an interview Tim Brunero did for BBBA.


"Sources have told TV Blackbox that no intruders have been sent in at this stage though."

Great idea. Tell them about how widespread COVID-19 has gotten and let them work themselves up, then throw some new people into the cast that won't have been isolated for 14 days and let the paranoia set in with the original housemates. :rolleyes:


Based on the findings of audience testing in 'thread groups', the exec's are considering a last minute rebrand to: 'Oh Brother'...Zero.
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Hate TV Blackbox more than I hate Sonia Kruger. Ben is bloody annoying too.

Regarding COVID-19, BB Canada did the responsible thing and shut down the live feeds whilst they told them, giving them messages from home to reassure them their families were OK.

Meanwhile Big Brother Germany rather irresponsibly IMO have put on a live special tonight to break the news to them, and unsurprisingly some HMs are rather distressed.

Still think though if it were me in the house I'd be convinced it was some sort of task.


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I'm holding my breath on this new BB. I was into it from day one right until the end, and was excited at first, but that excitement has diminished rapidly with everything I've been reading. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.


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