Big Brother 2015 season! OFFICIALLY _NOT_ CONFIRMED!

Would you watch Big Brother 2015 if it was made by Loxton Productions?

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Hey Brotherhood,
as you are all aware due to the appalling ratings for season 2014 channel 9 are highly unlikely to run big brother in 2015 and channel 10 is also highly unlikely to pick up the show because they are in debt.

so I, Loxton productions will run a big brother for 2015, this is how it will happen!

well this is what I am going to do;
1) bring back nightly uplate shows for adult viewers, footage for adults from bedrooms.
2) bring back weekly Friday night live games for younger viewers, hosted in my backyard.
3) air the hour long daily shows at 7pm on my YouTube channel.
4) abolish weekly tasks and show the housemates actually interacting with each other.
5) bring back online live webcam feeds to a 2 minute delay and 50c per day, aired upon my new website.
6) bring back 2 min hourly photos and videos from the house on my Facebook page.
7) put less boring housemates in the house, I will choose them from my local shopping centre randomly on a saturday.
8) make the house more basic to add a survivalist element to the show, use my housing trust home as the set.
9) replace sonyia with a better host, of course me.
10) air big brother at a better time of the year, not when the block is running, I will air the programme for 100 days starting from the summer holidays.
11) Evictions, who ever I feel is not entertaining enough will be given a free bus ticket and escorted to the local bus stop, transport courtesy of Adelaide metro buses.
12) prize money will be a free year worth of high school to make them smarter.
13) I will film the series with a cheap video cam.

whos keen!!! :D it will be way better than channel 9's current big BOTHER!
cheers, Heath Loxton. :)


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Heath, I think there may be laws against abducting people from the local Woolies and holding them hostage in your home and posting videos of them on You Tube.

um I will ask them If they want to VOLUNTEER to be on the show and I will EXPLAIN the conditions to them!
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