Benjamin Norris is self-evicting....


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So it's ok for Ben to be nasty, but not us.
On this forum? I didn't see it.

Ben has to let his anger go about Estelle & Tim.
Does he? Why is that? Can we make him do it?

Watching the live feeds, Tim has never hurt someone on purpose which can't be said about Ben
I dunno what's on live feeds, but "Tim has never hurt someone on purpose" seems a bit of a stretch.


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Out of all the big brother that I've watched the only time I was ever happy with the winner was when Ben won. I can't see he was any worse in his behaviour than Tim.

I don't really get why people here have to be nasty. There are people from BB who I have no respect for, and were actually quite angry with at the time, but I would never interact with them to tell them so. Don't see the point.
Agreed. I was extremely satisfied when Ben won. I really enjoyed the guy. He reminded me of Martin Freeman in The Hobbit. He was witty, smart and cute. Even Sonia Kruger was over the moon when she announced him as the winner. The audience was split and divisive of course. People either loved him or hated him -- Kinda reminded me of Trump winning.

Anyway, he wasn't that nasty. He had a mean streak, but was still likeable.

The most nastiest and despicable housemates were from 2008, where do I start:

*Nobby was a sly, conniving and repulsive housemate. I couldn't stand his ugly face and filthy bullying behaviour.
*Bridget seemed like she was mentally ill, wishing death on people. She hated everyone except for herself.
*Ben was like that nerdy kid in school who got lucky with the popular alpha males. He was Rory and Ben's little tool. Cute and smart, but a bully nonetheless.
*Dixie was another Bridget, but with brains. She hated Travis just for the way he looked, called him an idiot in front of everyone, degrading him just cos he's a an oddball. Heartless pig.
*Renee was not so bad. But she had a habit of speaking poorly of Travis to other female housemates, when Travis liked her and thought she was one of his closer buddies ("he's so skinny and hairy...gross")
*Saxon was unlikable and seemed cold, but he left too early so I don't have much to say about him.