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Ben Zabel recovering from overdose - Support for him


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Wow... Heavy...
No word on whether it was an intentional overdose or not...
Either way, that's shocking stuff. Poor guy.


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Least he still has a sense of humor.

Zabel posted a photo to his Instagram account on Sunday afternoon of his hospital wristband, along with the caption: “As Mark Twain once said — “Reports of my dearth have been greatly exaggerated (sic)”.

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That's very sad... I hope it was accidental (a lot better than intentional).. Hopefully if anything good can be taken out of it, it becomes a turning point..

A lot of people think Ben's stuff was just an act.. He got booted from BB the week it came out he'd been a stand-up and plenty were outraged.. Had we been taken for a ride? But the proof of his genuine issues was that he's still been a virtual recluse in his daily life post-BB, if you watch his Tim videos for their proposed trip.

I hope this scare turns out to be a catalyst for him finding a new way, direction.. He's got a very true friend in Tim and if anyone can turn someone around then it's Tim.

Thanks Estelle for letting us know.


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...He's got a very true friend in Tim and if anyone can turn someone around then it's Tim.

Mental health needs to be constantly nurtured. I hope that he has somebody taking care of him right now.

Very glad that he has been released from hospital. Hoping for the best for him.

However, whilst Tim might be a great friend and support from friends is important, I seriously hope that Tim is NOT his main source of help. I'd be concerned if he was only getting counseling from Tim.