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Beginning the Application process from CBS - from very beginning - What questions are asked in the online application

When you go to CBS online and go to submit your video, picture, and application.....what questions are asked? Does anyone know? It clearly says it needs to be done in ONE sitting and I dooooo not want to answer something in a way they wouldn't like. I don't doubt myself at all, but at the end of the day they are looking for "characters", it is a tv show, you have to be entertaining in someway and if you don't have chiseled body parts, flawless skin, beautiful eveerything; you better use your wit and character to get on the show. I want to find my "character", look good, and answer those first application questions well enough to be someone they would be interested in. I already know don't say you dont have a view on something. Saying "I don't know", or "I don't have a view on that" gives you the boot basically, so I will nail that. BUT I can not find these questions anywhere. Also, in the video, what are some good tips to get picked? Have a good back story? Be a nutcase? Be bitchy? What character should I play. I am all of those things, and I do have a good back story.....but what should I play up more? I want in this house before my momma passes away and she has watched this show religiously and always told me, "Cat, you would do so well on this show! Please apply!" So, I'm shooting my shot. I have a great southern accent, too. That alone makes me interesting. I know this because I have been up north and people looove to hear me talk. Should my character be a "hot redneck southern carolina girl"? HELP! Any tips are appreciated. I promise I will come back with the inside scoop if I get in that house! lol Thanks fellow BB lovers!