BBBA 2014 Appreciation Thread (+ Credits)


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I know a lot of you aren't in the probably 1% of the forums that wanted Ryan to win but you know what......we are all winners :D

OK no that was gross :vomit: Really though i guess I wanted to say some more rambly crap. This was my first year on the forums and the first time Ive watched BB in a long time, definitely the first time I have followed it so closely, to the point I have one twin who still thinks David is going to win and another who clearly listened too me too much and randomly says 'I love you Hat Ryan' and asked my dad if santa will bring him a Ryan hat (not a chance) (sorry boys!).

Although I have stuck mainly to daily threads and the David and Ryan Appreciation threads I have been lurking everywhere and I really am so glad I found this place! Even when i dont have anything to say or (a lot of the time) have no idea WHAT you are talking about lol, I love just....being here. Lots of you have been here for a while and it really does feel like a little family sometimes, even though that family might insult each others all the time. I can't even really explain it, I just really love it.

Obviously there are the regulars we all know but I have loved seeing all of you guys posting and the hilarious interactions....sometimes I've just been sitting at my computer grinning like an idiot. You are such a diverse range of people, insightful, amusing, argumentative, Pristian, positive, stubborn, and downright hilarious and it's been an honour to be able to sit amongst it! Special shout out to those in the David appreciation thread and especially my fellow Ryan-appreciators, you know who you are! :) Although I haven't always agreed with everything said it has been pretty interesting reading them, and when I haven't tried to I sincerely hope I haven't managed to offend or get on the wrong side of anybody, if i have I genuinely apologise!!!

I have loved this season as questionable as parts of it were, I'm obviously thrilled with the outcome even though I didn't get my perfect final 3, and i truly hope that BB comes back next year just so I have an excuse to do this all over again!! My god I feel like such a sap I'm going to be sick, I'll shut up now but you're all amazing! Thank you for making this season what it was!!! :inlove:

Also thank you to all of you for exposing me to so many AMAZING gifs :p


Although I've been a regular BB viewer for many years, I only discovered this forum fairly recently and after lurking for a while, I decided to sign up (obviously).

Not knowing what to expect, all I can say is BBB has totally over delivered. Such an amazing community of people to be discovered here! You have all made BB a far richer experience and provided hours and hours of entertainment (well probably too many).

Thank you @Tim and the team for such a well managed venue and to all the members who have been welcoming, tolerant and down right entertaining in all its guises. BBB really is a great forum to be part of. :thumbsup: :kiss: