BBAU 2023: Promos and other news (includes spoilers)


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Upfronts are on Tuesday next week so I wonder how long housemate lockdown is for a pre-recorded season? I want to hear some details about whats happening next season!


The Nomination Pillow has spoken!
Took them two seasons (VIP and 2022) to realise that using a fake crowd is laughably bad. That being said, the audience in 2021's launch added absolutely nothing to the vibe because of how few people there were and the distance that they were away from everything going on.


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best case scenario for this crowd would be they set up their finale stage they’ve been using each season and film a launch with the audience there. Most likely won’t happen but one can dream!


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Is it still being filmed at fox studios? Trying to find location tags on social incase someone adds something.