Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 25 Discussion (29 June, 7:30pm)

If you could bring back one feature from the original format, what would it be?

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    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • Public voting for evictions

    Votes: 17 27.9%
  • Live streams

    Votes: 29 47.5%
  • Gretel Killeen as host

    Votes: 4 6.6%
  • Mike Goldman as narrator

    Votes: 2 3.3%
  • Up Late

    Votes: 6 9.8%
  • Uncut / Adults Only

    Votes: 2 3.3%

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On this point though…
I think a lot of people are confidently talking about how Tim’s way of playing will not get him right to the end only because of spoilers, but if we weren’t sure he didn’t make it to the end I don’t think you could be so confident watching how he is playing.

I don't see how that person makes it to the end if they don't win challenges. It's obvious that Johnson, Aleisha and Taras will stick together.