Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 1 Discussion (26 April) - First 12 housemates


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Never again
Apparently he'd go after people so much that they'd actually cry and then when anything negative was said about him he'd have a cry and try to get everyone else feeling bad for him, I imagine the same thing will happen on big brother.

And we'll probably see none of that.


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Oh good lord I thought this was an ad for a new show not a promo for Home and Away.

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Heya Uncle Sticky. Great to see you’re still around! I’m doing well mate, how are you?
...I’m great thanks mate... still hanging around and posting every now and then being mainly due to the fact I rarely watch much free to air tv... so not always commenting on shows as much lol!... cheers.


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What's going to happen to the surfer guy with the nice arse?

a) Shark attack
b) North Korean submarine
c) He'll finish up and have a hot shower at home and an early night.